Sunday, March 23, 2014

Don't forget to tune in to HSN tonight starting at midnight for 24 hours of scrapbooking and crafting!  24 hours!!!!!!  How awesome is this?   I'll be watching, how about you?  Some of the amazing people scheduled to be on are Beth Kingston, Andrew Hiller, Anna Griffin, Teresa Collins, Holly Fossen,  Leslie Bracken, Julie Fei Fen Balzer, and Lisa Bearnson,  You can also check out the HSN website for a breakdown of times.  Can't wait.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Under Construction

Bare with me.  As you can see, I am switching up my blog. It's been so long since I set it up, I have totally forgotten how to edit it.  So, it may take me awhile.  I want to make this into a more "crafty" blog and hope to share what I have been doing.  Now that the kids are older, I just don't have much to share.  They are all so busy now being grown ups.

I have lots to update.  I got a job and it involves scrapbooking and crafting.  I will spill more of the details soon but let me just say I am meeting some awesome people in the business.

I promise to share soon.


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Happy 2014!

I cannot believe that I have not updated my blog since September 11th!  Can I just say how much I have missed blogging. I don't even know if people read this blog, but I enjoy doing it.

Lots going on since I last updated.  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  I love everything about it.  The food, the smells, the colors.  You get what I am trying to say.  All four kids were here. Greg's roommate came for the day as well.  I am counting down the months until the next Thanksgiving.

Christmas was awesome as well.  Again all four kids were here and we went to mass on Christmas Eve.  Even Adam and Ej (the boyfriends) came along.  The kids (and the boyfriends) drew names so we started off exchanging those gifts.  It was so nice to have them all here.  Greg and Liz actually spent the night.  We all slept in on Christmas morning and didn't get started until almost 9 am.  That's a record for us.  Even Mark didn't wake up early.    Santa was especially good to me this year.  Tickets to see Jersey Boys in April and a new Silhouette.  I am ashamed to say I haven't played with it yet.  I am still sorting/purging my scrapbook space.  But I will!

(our annual trip to Mickey's Christmas Party at Disney World)

Not sure if I have mentioned this or not, but Liz moved out back over the summer. It was weird.  She works for the local newspaper which is located downtown and it was such a far commute.  So she moved closer to downtown.  She has a cute little place.  Greg moved out as well.  He lives down by the university with four roommates.  He still comes by alot since he works very close.  He will graduate in May!  Can  you believe it?  Right now he is interning at a physical therapy gym.  He plans on applying to grad school and continue on become a physical therapist.  Right now he is graduating with a degree in Exercise Science.  Emily is in her second year at USF. I honestly don't know what she is majoring in.......she is constantly changing her mind.  Mark is plugging along.  Still in his same school.  This time next year we will be touring high schools to see what will be the best fit for him.  Right now he is in a very small Christian school.  There are only nine kids in his class.  It's great for now but I want him to have just a bigger high school setting.  He still loves running.  I just signed him up for his second 5K race...Gasparilla.  Big race here in town.  He will be running with my neighbor.  Since he isn't into sports, this is perfect for him.

I hope to stay with this blog.  I really miss it.  I miss reading other's blogs as well. I started out this year hoping to do Project Life.  I bought the kit last year and didn't last but two months. I have already gotten behind this year so I am hoping to catch up and do it.  Maybe this will be my motivation.

So, until I blog again.  Have a good one


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I will never forget!  Today marks the 12th anniversary of the September 11 attack on our country.  Twelve years later, I still am in disbelief that this happened to our great nation.  This will be one of those moments I will forever remember what I was doing when this happened.

We were living in Utah at the time so we were two hours behind.  Mark was fifteen months old.  That night he decided to be "up all night" along with myself.  He had always been a good sleeper but for some reason, he wasn't that night.   I remember just being exhausted. I finally got him back to bed (a little after 7 am).  Steve got up and just left the house without a word.   We still had no clue what was going on.  I remember being angry with him.  He didn't even say goodbye.  I flipped on the kitchen tv and I saw this unfolding live.  I was watching Katie Couric.  I was just standing there stunned when I saw LIVE the second plane hit the tower.  Just then, the front door opened and Steve walked in.  He handed me a Starbucks coffee.  He said, "I knew you had a rough night so I thought you could use a good cup of coffee".  He then asked me what was wrong and I told him.  We stood there watching the tv. Stunned.  The older kids were still sleeping.  I didn't know what to do.  Do I send them to school?  What?  Nothing like this has ever happened in my lifetime.  The decision was made to send them to school and Steve went off to work.  Did I fell stupid being so mad at him.  Unfortunately, I had to wake Mark up a little after 8 to drive the older kids off to school.  I  was glued to the tv.  Then the pentagon happend, then the plane in Pennsylvania.  I just sat and cried.  Over the next week, I was glued to the tv coverage.  One moment that stands out for me is when Ashley Banfield was reporting.  She was standing by a wall where people were posting pictures of their loved ones that were missing.  I can't remember if this person was missing or among the lost, but she came across the name of one of her friends and she just started to cry during her live  report.  So sad.  By the way,  after that sleepless night, Mark never had a rough night again.  Twelve years later, he sleeps like a rock!

We were living in Sandy at the time.  On the one year anniversary, Sandy City Hall had a memorial.  As far as I know, they still do it to this day.  I think they call it the Healing Place.  On their front lawn, they place a flag for every person lost that day and a flag representing all the countries who lost someone.  Mark was obsessed with flags so we went down there.  It was beautiful to see.  Very somber.  Of course, Mark loved all the flags.

  It was very somber standing there. It was windy that day so we just stood there watching and listening to them.

My little guy was just mesmerized by all the flags.  

Last summer, Steve and I went to New York for our anniversary and we visited the memorial.  It was so hard to stand there at the site knowing that so many lives were lost that day.  We must NEVER forget.

God Bless America.

Monday, May 20, 2013

So I know it's been forever since I blogged. I swore this would be the year I stayed on top of it.  As usual, life gets busy and the blog takes a back seat.  I've been taking lots of pictures though to put it my blog.  First thing I will share (soon) is the bridal shower album I did for my daughter's friend.  I was so happy with how it turned out and it really challenged my creativity.  She loved it!  She scrapbooks some herself so she really appreciated the effort and knows what it takes to put your heart into creating layouts.  During all this, I had to breakdown and get a new computer.  So, I am the proud new owner of a laptop which I am still learning how to use.  It's totally different than my desk tops I have used in the past.

My heart is broken tonight for the total devastation that has happened in Oklahoma.  I had to turn the tv off tonight because I just couldn't handle it anymore.  As a parent, I cannot fathom what those parents are going through.  You think school is a safe place.  That's all I can say about this because I will lose it.  I just want all my kiddoes home so I can give them a big hug and tell them how much I love them.

Jodie Arias.  Yes I got sucked into watching that trial.  I am very happy with the verdict.  The jury in Arizona got it right unlike a jury here in Florida a few years ago.  I won't go into that one either.  I don't know what I am going to do when it is all over.  I love watching all my HLN people give their commentaries.  I love Vinnie, Ryan and Joey Jackson.  I enjoy Jane Velez-Mitchell and even Nancy Grace.

Mark is finished with school this week.  He has one more full day tomorrow and early release on Wednesday and Thursday. He is going to drive me nuts being home all summer but at the same time, I will NOT miss that commute to his school.

Speaking of being finished, one more night of Dancing With the Stars.  Yes, I am one of those.  I have watched every season since it began.  I am so hoping that Kellie and Derek win. I love them together.  Can she be any cuter?

I think Zendaya is overrated and I feel like the judges really want her to win.  Ali and Mark are okay but all their dances look the same.  Jacobi and Karina are fun but I don't think he is the best dancer.  He certainly is a great entertainer though.

I  could keep going with everything I have been up to but I will save it for another time.  My bed is calling me.  I am just waiting for Emily to get home.  She finally got her car and is driving herself around (okay, so it's three years later) but I am a worrier.  Once I see those headlights in the drive, I can shut this down and call it a night.  I hope that when I wake up and turn on the tv tomorrow, there will be some good stories coming out of Oklahoma.  We need some good stories and some good news from out of there.  

Good night.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Happy New Year!!!!

Another year has come and gone.  I love the month of January.  It's a fresh start, a new beginning.  Every year I set a goal and by Spring, I have forgotten all about it.  I start of strong and then get lazy.  Every year I tell myself that this will be the year I follow through.  Well, guess what?  This is the year I will follow through.  

So, to start off the new year, I am doing something I have always wanted to do. Anyone who knows me, knows that I love to scrapbook.  I love to take pictures.  I love to lock myself away in my little room in my house and watch some sappy Lifetime movie and get creative.  I have always wanted to do the Project Life by Becky Higgins.  Every year I talk myself out of it because I don't want to make the investment and then not do it.  So, last week I ordered the kit. Maybe this will be the thing that keeps me on track for my goals for 2013. I even chose my word for the year.  Blossom.  I want to grow (which was my other word) and improve.  I want to be a better wife, mother, friend, scrapbooker and of course blogger.  I could go on and on.  2012 was a huge year of change for me. Liz graduated from college!  Emily graduated from high school and Mark started middle school.  Greg?  Well he just goes with the flow  College life agrees with him.  He's my easy kid.  Point is, my kids are growing up and they don't need me 24/7 like they used to.  They have become adults.  I find myself  for the first time in years, having time to myself.   I am only 45.  I have lots of living and catching up to do.  So this is MY year. My year to blossom.

Mark is having a wonderful year in his new school.  What a change.  Although I miss the convenience of the local school and putting him on the bus, it is so worth the commute to his school.  Ready for this?  He made the honor roll the first quarter.  Unbelievable.  I have always known he was capable of it but he just needed the right tools (and teachers) to get through to him.  Having a kid with a learning disability was new to me.  I felt lost and no one knew what we were going through.  Our public schools just didn't work for him.  I love that he is in a small class, only 11 kids.  I love that they learn about the Bible in school and say prayers.

So, I look forward to 2013.  First thing on my list is to take down the tree and all the decorations.  I love that feeling of seeing everything put away and clean.  My motto every year is "out with the old, and in with the new".  I tell the kids that for every new piece of clothing that comes in, one must go out. The donation box is growing.   I love it!  Here's to a new year, a new beginning.  Happy 2013!

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Greetings blogger friends.  It's been a long time.

Life has been absolutely crazy.  Liz graduated from the University of Florida,  Emily graduated High School, Mark finished elementary school, and Greg, well he's just plugging away at USF.  He got accepted into the College of Exercise Science which he was working very hard to achieve.  He also just today got his NASM certification.  Not exactly sure what it stands. He is currently working as a personal trainer and it has to do with that.  Obviously you can tell I am not up on personal training.  I guess now that I have one in the family,  I should maybe start training.

Steve and I managed a trip to New York City in July.  We were celebrating our 25th Wedding anniversary.  It's not until October, but we decided to take our trip in the summer before Mark started school.  We had a blast!  Neither one of us had ever been so that made it even more fun exploring somewhere we had never been.  I loved it! I can't wait to go back someday.  We saw  the sights (Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Empire State Building,  the 911 memorial site, Rockefeller Center).  We stayed in Times Square which was CRAZY full of people.  We even managed two shows....Jersey Boys and Phantom of the Opera.  Such great shows.

Here we are in Central Park

Mark starts school next Monday already.  Middle School!  Hard to believe.  It was really weird getting all the back to school stuff and only having to get it for one kid.  I am done to one school for the first time in YEARS.  I've always had the kids in different schools and on different schedules.  It's kind of sad.  It's been an adjustment not being needed all the time.  I know the kids will always need me, but now they are self-sufficient.  I know it sounds weird but I do miss it.    Usually dinner consists of just Mark and me.  Steve gets home later and the kids are all gone out or working.  I never know if they will be home for dinner or not.  

Finally, I got a job.  I am a scrapbook/Paper-ed instructor for Michaels.  It's started off slow.  It's hard to build classes and get people in but maybe now that school will be starting soon, I can be a tad more busier.  It's been fun and I have learned so much from the training.  I've been trying hard to make more time for my scrapbooks.  I have always loved creating them and over the last few years, I just haven't spent as much time on them as I'd like because of all the craziness with the kids.  So, I've decided to make that a top priority.  I am in the process of creating a new blog in addition to this one so I can post some of my layouts.  I am hoping to get a bit more creative by doing it and hosting some challenges and swaps.  I used to be in a group on the old AOL boards and we would do all kinds of swaps and fun stuff. I really miss that and hope to start again soon.  I will keep you posted as soon as the new blog is up and running.  

I am going to end this post with some random pictures and I am going to do much better at updating this blog.  I miss blogging.  I've tried to keep up with all my friends blogs but Facebook has pretty much taken over. I'm actually getting kind of bored with FB. It's great to keep up with all my old friends and family, but I miss my blog buddies.

Anyway, have a great Tuesday.  Hope it's a good one.

 Yes!  She did it.  It was down to the wire, but she's done with High School

 Here's the little man all decked out for his 5th Grade Celebration.  So handsome.

Prom.  She was beautiful.

Our college graduate.  Go Gators!

Oops, guess I really need to get some pictures of Greg.  He's not one to get his picture taken.  He's the one who always disappears when the camera comes out.  Guess I need to work on that!