Thursday, February 28, 2008

For the next four days, I am going to get a "little taste" of what it will be like to only have 3 kids in the house. Elizabeth left for a journalism convention in South Carolina called SIPA. She is not only going on behalf of her school's newspaper - Home she also was Vice President and helped organize and plan it. So, hopefully the newspaper will do very well this year again. The only down side to her being gone is that her car is in the driveway. When I leave to take Mark to school, I just back out! Well, guess what I did this morning?? Yep. I "tapped" her car. I cannot even tell if I left those scratches or if they were left over from the last time I "tapped" it. So, because I felt so bad, off to the Autoparts store I went and got some good "buffing stuff" and "wax". Could I be any more dumb?

The weather here is finally cold! I'm even tempted to turn on my furnace but I am trying to save a few $. I just got an email that Greg's game was cancelled for tonight due to the wet field conditions from the other nights rain. I had absolutely NO plans to go sit in the cold and watch that game.

I finally got my Canon Rebel last week. I just haven't had a chance to play with it yet. So, hopefully I can get some shots next week at Greg's game when it warms up. His game last Saturday was in the rain so I dared not bring it out.

Anyone watching American Idol? This season is okay. There's a few I like but I haven't narrowed it down to just one favorite yet. How about Big Brother?? I watched the first show and that's it. It's horrible. I was flipping the other night between that and Idol and I had to just not watch anymore. It's just all fighting and bickering (and lots of boobs) this season. AND not meant for anyone over 25! Maybe someday they should have a "senior" Big Brother for us older "more mature" adults. hehe.

Well, time to tackle Mt. Washmore (as Jolene calls it). Pretty soon I'm going to need climbing gear to walk through that room. Why my kids can't put their laundry in their hampers instead of my floor I will never know.

Happy Thursday................................Make it a great one.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

I was tagged today by Benita. This is the first time I have ever been tagged. :)

A: The rules of the game are posted at the beginning.

B: Each player answers the questions about themselves.

C: At the end of the post, the player then tags 3 people and posts their names, then go to their blogs and leave them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

10 years ago: I was settling in to our first Winter in West Jordan, Utah. I was overwhelmed by all the snow. I was a "Cincinnati" gal. If it snows an inch, you stay inside and most of the time the schools were closed or delayed. Not in Utah. The kids went to school across the valley in Sandy and I remember driving them up the bench to school. The kids were 7, 5 & 3. Mark wasn't even a thought! I had just celebrated my 30th birthday earlier. I had met a mom at the school who sold Creative Memories and invited me to a crop. I had not idea what a crop was. So, I went with another mom I had just met and the rest is history. Once a month on a Friday night I made the trip to Draper and scrapped, scrapped, and scrapped.

Things on my to-do list today: Well, since it's almost 8:30 at night, I plan to spend the rest of my night doing what else? Scrapbooking. Tomorrow on my agenda is to make a run to BJ's and get laundry caught up. Then the NASCAR race is on and I will watch it.

What I would do if I were suddenly made a billionaire: Pay off all my debts. Then I would make sure that my kids are all set up for college and not have to worry whether we qualify for financial aid. I definately would make some charitable donations. I also would trade in my mini van and get my dream car--a BMW. I could go on and on.

3 of my bad habits: When I get extremely stressed, I bite off my nails. I am the biggest procrastinator. I put things off until the last minute. I am also horrible about writing things down. I also have a nice new treadmill in my bedroom that is collecting dust. But, I swear I'm going to use it!

3 places I have lived: Cincinnati, Ohio; West Jordan/Sandy (we moved after two years WJ), Utah; Tampa, Florida.

5 jobs that I have had: My first job was at McDonalds (it's where I met hubby). I worked as an Administrative Assistant at a Steel Company. I worked in the traffic department tracking drug shipments at a pharmaceutical company (my favorite job). I was a Client Services Manager for an Estate Planning Company. I had to leave that great paying job because I was having baby #2 and was able to go part time. I left there and went to work for a large insurance company in their Marketing Department. But, the most important job I've had is being able to stay at home for the last 14 years with my kiddoes.

5 things people don't know about me: I HATE SNAKES. I am terrified of them. Unfortunately, Florida is full of them. I hate tomatoes--they make me gag. I would love to go back to school. But, with the kids all in high school, they get to go first. I'm awesome with directions. I think I inherited that from my dad. Who needs a map? I love to read Harlequin Romances. I have tons of them and every time I hit Target or Walmart, I have to pick one up. The library here doesn't have a section like all the other libraries I've been to. So I have to buy them! I especially love ones with cowboys (this was even before I found Pioneer Woman's blog). My dream is to go to New York City at Christmas time. I dream of riding through Central Park and taking in a Broadway show. Someday!

Okay, that's it. So, I tag:


Have a wonderful Saturday evening.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Wow. What a week it has been. After having a horrible week the week before, it was such a nice change to have a lot of good happen. First, Mark passed his Hillsborough writes. What does that mean? He can advance onto 3rd grade. He is an excellent student but struggles when it comes to "putting it down onto paper". He was diagnosed with Auditory Processing Disorder last summer. Basically, he processes information at a slower rate. He is as smart as the next kid but moves a little slower to absorb the information and write it down. We got word that he passed. Yeah. Then, Elizabeth getting into her first choice college was the icing on the cake. What a whirlwind of a week. A lot of stress has just been released. Now we can enjoy the rest of the school year.......................

Today is a clean, clean, clean day. The weather is absolutely beautiful. It's a little cool right now but is supposed to get into the mid 70's. I have all the windows open airing out the house. I have a few Yankee Candles burning so hopefully the house will smell yummy.

I finally ordered my Canon Rebel. They were out of the one I wanted at Circuit City so they had to order. They even gave me the online sale price. Life is good right now. I can't wait to get my hands on it. My camera is several years old and doesn't have all the bells and whistles that the new smaller ones have now. It has served it's purpose and I probably will keep it. But it has never taken good "action" shots. All of Greg's baseball pictures aren't very good. So, I am looking forward to getting some great action shots and having a telephoto lens.

Well, I better get a move on. I confiscated the TV remote and told the kids that I didn't want to listen to the TV on all day. So, I have my satellite radio on listening to some Country tunes (much to the eye rolls of the kids).

Have a great Saturday.........................

Friday, February 15, 2008

It's official. We are officially a "Gator Family". We got word that Elizabeth got accepted. Woo Hoo. It's finally hit me that she's going off to college this Fall.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Here you go, Liane. My stash from QVC. I am usually not into a lot of embellishments on my scrapbook pages. When the kids were younger scrapbooking wasn't that big. I just had an "average" 35 mm camera. By the time I had Emily, I was "tired". I didn't take that many pictures anymore (she will be the first one to tell you that there aren't many pictures of her). So, for her album, I use more embellishments to make up for the lack of pictures. I am so into the Heidi Swapp bling. They really ad some pizazz to any page. I've uses Prima flowers before but some of these flowers are huge and will fill in a page nicely. :)

It's "hump day". Yeah. Not only that, but we yet another three day weekend ahead of us.

I finally got out all my QVC goodies and took a picture. Guess what? Blogger must be having some problems and the image won't upload. So stay tuned...........I'll try and post it later.

Woke up this morning to sunshine. Is that a bad thing you ask? Well, when you went to bed under a tornado watch until 7 am. and the threat of 2 inches of rain and severe thunderstorms possible and the weather guessers telling you that the morning commute is going to be treacherous, it's a good thing. I was actually looking forward to a much needed rainy day though. My plan was to lounge in my "fat pants" and bum around the house. Not going to happen now. Nope. Gotta get out there and do my errands and knock off some of that "to do" list. They really, really blew the forecast yet again.

Today's errands consist of finding a picture frame for MIL. When they were here for Xmas it was the first time the whole family had been together since Mark was one. I took a picture of all the grandkids for her and was going to frame it and send it to her for Valentines Day. There are six grandkids total--my four and Steve's sisters two boys. Jeff is now 23 and an engineer and Ryan is 22 and is finishing up college at the University of Dayton. Right now he is applying to medical schools. So, who knows when "the kids" will be together again. I know MIL will cherish this photo. She is an awesome Grandma. I think they get the "Best Grandparents" award. Even though they live in Cincy and we are down here in Tampa, we see them quite often. Even when we lived in Utah, we saw them at least 4 times a year.

Well, off to tackle that "to do" list. With tomorrow being Valentines Day, I need to grab my kiddos some goodies. Oh and Liane, as soon as blogger fixes it's problem, I promise to upload my QVC goodies!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Has it really been a week since my last post? This week is definately starting off better. Even Mark staying home from school yesterday sick didn't even bother me.

My car is all fixed and "running great". My friend Barb's hubby owns a shop and he took good care of us. If you ever have car trouble in Tampa, give Glen a call. RUNNING GREAT AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES OF TAMPA FLORIDA

My computer is back up and running as well. It was a bad CD drive. We got all our taxes done. Yeah.

I got my first of two orders from QVC yesterday. I can't wait until the "Build a Flowers" come. I got all my Heidi Swapp bling. Now if I would just take the time to actually sit down and scrapbook. I will post a picture of my new "goodies" when they all get here.

Today my day consists of running, running, running. I get to spend my afternoon on my favorite road--the dreaded BBD. One trip to the Elementary school for afternoon pick up, then on to the High School for a pick up, back home to drop off, up to Huntington and back to the High School for another pick up. Breath. Pick up from Huntington. Maybe get a quick bite of a dinner which I have no clue what it will be and then drop off to another High School and pick up after game. ACK. Keep in mind that tonight Idol is in Hollywood. It makes me really appreciate the small town that I grew up in where you walked everywhere. Rain or shine, cold or hot..........Speaking of where I grew up, they are getting hammered with snow and ice. They even closed the schools. It must be bad. They rarely closed the schools since we were a "walking district".

We are supposed to get some much needed rain. Maybe even some thunderstorms later tonight. I can live with the rain but not the thunder and lightening. If it rains, I can cross off baseball practice and a game. Less running. So, I have some errands to run this morning so I can stay home tomorrow. That being said, I really should get off the computer and get out of here.

Happy Tuesday................................

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I really should watch what I post. Remember my last post how I said nothing was happening in our house? Well, duh on me for saying that. I should have known it would blow up in my face.

First, my computer. We tried installing Turbo Tax on it and it would not load. We tried other things and the CD drive wouldn't read anything. No problem. Sounds like a need a new CD drive. I wake up Monday morning get the kids off and take the computer to the "computer store". I make yet another trip up the BBD. Guess what. The computer store is closed, gone, out of business. Out of desperation (because we are on some serious college application deadlines and I NEED that computer), I take it to Circuit City. I swore I would never use them again (a whole other post). They were so extremely nice. He said they could get to the computer ASAP because they had openings. Turns out, it wasn't the CD drive but some programming issues. By 1:00 I already had the computer back and hooked up. I do my usual car pool runs. I have a small window to install some software before I head back out. Guess what? The computer not's fixed. I called Circuit City and the guy tells me to bring it in. It's on my way so I drop it back off on the way to taking Greg to baseball. As I was getting back into my car to leave, my battery is dead. Car doesn't start. I call Steve and throw a "40 year old temper tantrum" and he leaves work to come rescue me. Luckily, Elizabeth is home so she packs up Mark and comes to get us. We drop Greg off. By the time Steve comes home (now in a mood) we go to "jump" the van. Don't need to. The darn thing started right up. So, I refuse to drive it at this point (another tantrum). We drop it off yesterday and sure enough the battery was bad and a few other things were going on. I must say, I really enjoy driving a new car (I confiscated Steve's). I really could get used to it. "Out of the question" I am informed by my hubby. Can't take on another car payment at this time. So, today is my last day to drive his nice car and tomorrow it's back to the mini van. My computer is also back and running. After all it DID need a new CD drive. At least they didn't charge me any additional labor.

Today I'm back off to the dentist. Two weeks ago, I got a crown put on a cracked tooth. It still hurts. I still can't chew on that side of my mouth. If I do, the pain shoots up into my jaw. I've been living on Aleve and I finally found time for me to go and get it looked at.

Man, I really didn't mean to rant on an on. Hopefully, the worst is behind me for awhile. Today is a beautiful sunny day and going to be in the low 80s. So, I'm out of here for awhile.

On a happy note, I spent Monday at home watching QVC. I got a few things and I can't wait to get them. I also snuck off yesterday to my local scrapbook store The Scrapbook Shoppe - Home I had to take Steve to work yesterday so since I was that close, I stopped by. I can't wait to actually use the stuff. Maybe tonight I will close myself in my room and work. I haven't even missed all the TV shows not being on due to the strike. I've gotton a lot done and the TV in our house is off more.

Well, off to finish getting ready to see the dentist. Keep your fingers crossed it's something simple. I have this nagging feeling he's going to tell me I need a root canal.

One more thing....................11 more days until the Daytona 500. Woo Hoo.

Monday, February 04, 2008


I will be offline for a few days (hopefully not that long). My poor computer needs to go "to the computer doctor". Hopefully, when I get it back I will have something to post. It's been kind of slow and boring here in our house.

See you soon.................