Wednesday, February 13, 2008


It's "hump day". Yeah. Not only that, but we yet another three day weekend ahead of us.

I finally got out all my QVC goodies and took a picture. Guess what? Blogger must be having some problems and the image won't upload. So stay tuned...........I'll try and post it later.

Woke up this morning to sunshine. Is that a bad thing you ask? Well, when you went to bed under a tornado watch until 7 am. and the threat of 2 inches of rain and severe thunderstorms possible and the weather guessers telling you that the morning commute is going to be treacherous, it's a good thing. I was actually looking forward to a much needed rainy day though. My plan was to lounge in my "fat pants" and bum around the house. Not going to happen now. Nope. Gotta get out there and do my errands and knock off some of that "to do" list. They really, really blew the forecast yet again.

Today's errands consist of finding a picture frame for MIL. When they were here for Xmas it was the first time the whole family had been together since Mark was one. I took a picture of all the grandkids for her and was going to frame it and send it to her for Valentines Day. There are six grandkids total--my four and Steve's sisters two boys. Jeff is now 23 and an engineer and Ryan is 22 and is finishing up college at the University of Dayton. Right now he is applying to medical schools. So, who knows when "the kids" will be together again. I know MIL will cherish this photo. She is an awesome Grandma. I think they get the "Best Grandparents" award. Even though they live in Cincy and we are down here in Tampa, we see them quite often. Even when we lived in Utah, we saw them at least 4 times a year.

Well, off to tackle that "to do" list. With tomorrow being Valentines Day, I need to grab my kiddos some goodies. Oh and Liane, as soon as blogger fixes it's problem, I promise to upload my QVC goodies!

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