Friday, December 29, 2006

I wanted to share a picture of the clock I made for my MIL for Christmas. She is so hard to buy for. So, I made her an altered clock. The picture is of Steve and his 3 sisters. The picture is kind of old-taken back in 1997 before we moved from Ohio to Utah. It's simple but she loved it.

After re-reading my last entry, I realized that I sounded like such a "whiner". The week definately got better. I finally got some much needed sleep. I didn't get to sleep in at all before Christmas. I still have few more days to catch up before the kids go back to school. They start back on Wednesday. I am dreading all that running around. :( They really kicked it in and helped me around the house. We are slowly finding a place for all their new stuff and they have even gone through their closets and cleaned it out. Steve is on his way back from working in Cocoa Beach and might even be home for dinner. It all depends on the dreaded traffic.

I finally went to the eye doctors and I am getting glasses! I am really pleased with the frames I got. They are so different from the big ones I used to wear in college. It will be nice to be able to see clearly. I have never had my eyes dialated before and it was a really strange feeling. Since they aren't that bad, I only opted for the glasses and not contacts.

Weather is warming up again. I have all the windows open and there is a nice breeze. The kids are out playing probably driving the neighbors crazy. One of the reasons we picked this house was because it was on a cul de sac. Figures we gee the only "anti kid street".

For dinner, we are grilling out a pork tenderloin. I have had it marinating since this morning. I got a new crockpot for Christmas so I am hoping to use it this weekend. Steve wants me to do Sauerkraut but I am not sure I want the house to smell right now. I love it but I just can't hand the "after smell". I also got Paula Deen's new cookbook so I am going to go through that for some good recipes. I love to cook just never home to do it.

Well, better switch the laundry around. It just never ends. I don't mind washing it or folding it but I hate putting it away.

Have a great Friday!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Well, I finally got some pictures uploaded, but I can't figure out how to upload them to where I can type next to or underneath them. One of these days, I AM going to figure this out. Picture #1 is of Emily. She is waiting very patiently for her turn to open a present. Mark got a GI Joe. He came across Greg's old stash and just loved them. Unfortunately, they aren't as popular as they were when Greg was little and harder to find. Found this one at Big Lots. Greg wanted a weight bench so he could "work out" in the garage. Well, I had to leave it in the back of the van because it was just too heavy to get out and plus no where to hide it. He had no clue. So, Santa typed up a certificate and put it in an evelope telling him to look out in the back of the van. He was so excited. Last but not least is our lovely Liz. She is not a morning person and hates getting her picture taken. So, I take them anyway just so that someday she can't say "how come there are no pictures of me?" Well, I have them, she's just not smiling in any of them. Oh well.............

This is the week out of the year that I dread. The let down and all the hard work of Christmas is now over. Now I have to look forward to Steve's long hours for the next month. Greg's baseball season will be firing up and Elizabeth will be getting ready for SAT and another newspaper deadline. This is probably when I need Steve the most and he will be nowhere to be found!

I was sitting in the bath last night thinking about 2007 and I suddenly got so depressed. It hit me that Elizabeth will be a senior in high school! She is our oldest and I have never experienced this feeling. Where has the time gone? What if she goes far away to college? I also am dreading my birthday in October. Ugh...............I will be the big 40! Not looking forward to it.

I went through in my mind all the things I want to accomplish in 2007. My priority is to get Mark "figured out". I know the teacher wants a conference when school resumes so I am not looking forward to that. He behaves horribly in class. He struggles in Math and just can't grasp the concept. The teacher doesn't recommend taking him to Sylvan or Huntington but the school doesn't have the "resources" either. I know that I am going to have him tested for ADD eventually and I am also going to push the CAP (Central Auditory Processing) test with his audiologist. She said she could probably test him mid way through 1st grade or when he is 7. I am just at a loss and feel like a failure when it comes to him. None of the other kids had these problems or acted the way he does.

I have also decided that I am going to use the word "no" more and "it's about me" more. I spend so much time taking care of the others (kids, hubby), that I have totally let myself go. I used to be anal about my hair, make up and how I dressed (Jeans & T-shirts have become my new wardrobe). I used to get my hair cut/highlighted every 6-8 weeks. I go months between cuts now and I color my own hair. I miss my hightlights! So, first thing I have done is make an eye doctors appointment. I have put it off for YEARS. I used to wear reading glasses in college but stopped wearing them when Liz was born. I know that I need some kind of glasses. I just never took the time to make the appointment. So, at 4:30 today, I am off to get my eyes checked. Plus, I am able to kill off the remaining balance in the FSA account. I am going to try making Steve have a "date night" at least once a month. So what if the kids have to stay home one night a month? He and I are on two different levels. Sometimes I feel like he has "checked out". I want him to be more than just the "provider". I want him involved in the daily running of what's going on with this family. He is clueless. If you were to ask him, he couldn't even tell you what the kids doctors, dentists names are. So, another one of my "resolutions" is to get him more involved with his kids and less involved with his work. I know his job is important but his family is more and I think he forgets that.

Well, enough of my rambling. Need to switch the laundry around before I leave. If you read this far, sorry for all the complaining. Have a great Hump Day!

Monday, December 25, 2006


Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. (I know it's late but I am just now sitting down for the night). Lots to update soon.

Friday, December 15, 2006

I have never done one of these "questionnaire's" off someone's blog but I thought what the heck. I got this off off Laura's blog. So I thought it would be fun to do one just because.

1. Wrapping paper or gift bags? Wrapped. It's all part of the tradition and fun.

2. Real tree or artificial? Artificial. I like to keep my tree from the weekend after Thanksgiving until the first of the year. I would kill a live tree. Plus, it's not worth the hassle of trying to find a "recycling" place.

3. When do you put up the tree? The weekend after Thanksgiving.

4. When do you take the tree down? I usually start taking the tree down after the kids go back to school in the new year.

5. Do you like eggnog? LOVE it.

6. Favorite gift received as a child? My baby doll that I named Jennifer and she also came with a fancy cradle.

7. Do you have a nativity scene? Yes

8. Hardest person to buy for? Mother-in-Law. She has everything.

9. Easiest person to buy for? The kids

10. Mail or e-mail Christmas cards? Mail

11. Worst Christmas gift you ever received? An ugly purse.

12. Favorite Christmas Movie? A Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation, The Christmas List, Three Days, Christmas in my Hometown, One Special Night (I am a Christmas movie junkie).

13. When do you start shopping for Christmas? Early November

14. Have you ever recycled a Christmas present? Yes. But not because I didn't like it. I already had it and didn't have a receipt.

15. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas? Homemade Fudge, Buckeye Balls

16. Clear lights or colored on the tree? The tree came with clear but we strung in some extra with color.

17. Favorite Christmas song(s)? All Is Want for Christmas Is You, Anything by Johnny Mathis

18. Travel at Christmas or stay home? Stay home. I want my kids to wake up in their own house on Christmas morning and not in a hotel room (there's too many of us to impose so we would stay in a hotel)

19. Can you name all of Santa's reindeer? Yup. I have 4 kids!

20. Angel on the tree top or a star? Angel

21. Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning? The kids get to open their new pajama's and gifts to each other on Christmas Eve. Then we have to wait for Santa!

22. Most annoying thing about this time of year? The lines at the stores. More shoppers and less cashiers.

23. Favorite ornament theme or color? Anything the kids have made for me through the years, love any of the handcrafted ornaments and I love Snowmen.

24. Favorite for Christmas dinner? Spiral Glazed Ham, potatoes, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole and corn (Mark's reaquest).

Been a crazy few weeks here at our house. My in-laws came for a quick visit and Liz and Greg had exams. Today was their last day of school until January 3 (yikes. That means they are home with me). We leave for Disney on Sunday morning and I can't wait. Just like last year, two of the kids are sick. So, I am just waiting for the other two to come down with it. I got several of my packages mailed today and only have one left which hopefully will go out tomorrow. Man o man. Every year I say I will be done and on the ball and every year I push it to the limit. For the first time EVER, I don't have my house decorated. Hopefully, I can get my lazy kids off their butts and help me. They just don't care. Maybe now that the stress of exam week is over, they will get into the holiday spirite.

Well, better feed my gang. Have a great weekend.

Friday, December 01, 2006

December 1--only 25 days until Christmas

Hard to believe that today marks the first day of December. Where has 2006 gone? It has just flown by. But, I love the month of December. Today marks the 25 days of Christmas on ABC family and I love watching all the Christmas shows and movies. I am disappointed though that they are pushing the Harry Potter movie this season. However, they are showing Polar Express which has become one of our family favorites. Mark loves that movie and we actually watch it year round.

I had planned on going to one of the malls today and do some shopping. I woke up not feeling so great so I have decided to stay close to home and work on some handmade stuff I have to do. I am almost done with Mark but the other kids are another story. It's hard when they are older. I was just thinking the other night that if it wasn't for Mark, I could start putting the presents under the tree as I wrap them. So, at least we still have Santa for another year or two.

The kids only have 2 weeks of school left. Elizabeth is starting to get in her "panic" mode over her exams. She is so hard on herself with her grades and school work. Yes, that's a good thing but she worries way to much to where she makes herself sick. I remember her very first teacher/conference in kindergarten and the teacher pointed that out. Boy was she right. She just got inducted into 4 honor groups at school last week--National Honor Society, BETA, Spanish Honor Society and Quill and Scroll. WOW. She definately inherited her dad's smart genes. She had her heart set on going to the University of Florida (GO GATORS), but now she wants to look into Northwestern. That's so far away. I don't know how I feel if she goes too far away. I always figured she would be in Gainesville which is only a couple of hours away. Okay, must stop thinking about it. It makes my stomach hurt.

Changing subjects......Today's to do list:

Finish Decorating House for Xmas
work on Altered Projects
Sweep and mop kitchen Floor
Maybe a quick trip to Target (it's nice and close)
(If I can accomplish a few of those, I will be happy.)

Now onto the weather: I am so jealous of all the midwesterners and northerner's who got snow. I know they are probably not happy with it, but I miss it. We are sitting in the low 80's but it is muggy, muggy, muggy. I had to turn the AC back on.

Finally, we are off to Disney in less than two weeks. We are going to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party again. We went last year and had soooooooooo much fun. Last year the kids all got sick but we are shoving Vitamin C drop and lots of vitamins in them. We only go for two days but there is nothing like seeing the Magic Kingdom decorated for Christmas.

Well time to get off the computer and crank up the Christmas tunes. Happy Friday!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Yeah. I have no idea what I am going to watch on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. I have been glued to Dancing with the Stars since the first show. I didn't miss it once. I even found myself voting. From the very beginning, I was rooting for Emmitt and Cheryl. They were so fun to watch. This season was awesome but I just couldn't help loving Emmitt. Mario was fun to watch, but I just didn't care for his partner. I still would have been happy if Mario would have won. What about Joey Lawrence? I remember watching him as a little boy on Gimme A Break with Nell Carter. Glad he grew up to be a decent adult and didn't fall under the "child star curse". They were all great. Even Jerry Springer! Who would have thought. Hmm. I cannot wait until next season to watch the new teams. The Dancing with the Stars tour is coming to Tampa. I would so love to go. Unfortunately, no one I know would have the slightest interest in going. I think Steve would laugh his butt off at me if I asked him to go. Wonder if I could play the "all I want for Christmas" card. hehe. The good news is that American Idol starts in January. All my reality shows are winding down. Only a few or Amazing Races left. Survivor lost me so that's okay.

Kids have been keeping me busy. Tomorrow night, Liz gets inducted into 4 different "clubs". National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, National Honor Spanish Society and Beta. She's a busy gal. Greg is still plugging away at baseball. Mark finished his baseball with a "season ending injury". Last week he fell off his bike and now is sporting six stitches in his knee. He was a real trooper. He asked the doctor "did I break my skeleton?" What a sense of humor that one has.

Looking forward to the Christmas season. Yes I said Christmas. It has and always will be Christmas. Speaking of Christmas, lots of fun movies coming out. I can't wait to see "Deck the Halls" and of course, "The Nativity Story". I usually don't go to movies because I hate the crowds but I definately will go and see those two. I have even begun my Christmas shopping. Every year, I say I am going to get an early start, and every year, I am out shopping the day before. It's harder when the kids are older. Not as much fun either. All they want is expensive things that I can't give them.

Well, off to finish my Thanksgiving grocery list. The weather is cooling down so we will turn on the pool heater. We started the tradition of swimming on Thanksgiving. Since we are on our own, we are trying to come up with some fun memories. I think swimming on Thanksgiving Day is a keeper.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Well, going to try this again. Spent yesterday morning updating my blog-FINALLY- and I got an error when I went to try and save it. So here goes again...............

Hard to believe that tomorrow is Halloween. The time has just flown by! Kids have been super busy at school and their extra-curriculars. Greg finished his baseball season over the weekend with yet another loss. This was a brutal season. I felt bad that they lost so many games. Now he is conditioning 3 days a week and practicing one day until Spring tryouts in February.

Elizabeth attended her Homecoming with her friends. She looked absolutely beautiful. (Still can't figure out why when I upload a picture, it goes to the top.) She looked beautiful in blue. I think this was my favorite Homecoming dress she has worn so far. Her first year she wore black, last year she wore brown.

Emily received her black belt!!!! I have a 12 year old black belt. The ceremony was awesome. She got called up to break a concrete block. You should have seen the look of sheer panic on her face. She has broken boards before but never a block. It was awesome. She broke it on the first try. (okay tried twice to upload a picture of her at the ceremony but it say's "photo uploaded" but I don't see a picture. Will try later.

Mark is still Mark. Plugging (and struggling) away at school. None of my kids have ever struggled academically before so I don't know how to help him. His teacher is "supposed" to help locate a tutor. She doesn't recommend that we take him to Sylvan, Hunnington or Kumon yet. Unfortunately, the schools made all these cuts and there are limited teacher's aids. She said she is not giving up and is going to keep looking. This is just a horrible situation. Florida is supposed to be all about education but they cut the staff to the minimum and give teh superintendant a $21,000 per year raise. Guess I just don't understand priorities. I guess when it comes time for him to have to take and FCAT, the school will kick it in gear for him.

Had a girls day out yesterday and sent to the LSS. It's an awesome store and I dropped $127. (It's a great store called Ruban Rouge. I tried to insert the link to their website but it didn't work. But you can check it out at Sshhhh. We won't tell hubby. It was a much needed and deserved day out. I spent a lot of money getting paper and cardstock. I have 3 Xmas projects in the works. I also picked up a 7 Gypsies book that I want to alter. I have caught the altering bug. I am really into doing stuff for the house. There is this gal on the scrapbook boards (hey Jennifer) who has done some really fantastic stuff altering items and I am hooked. Wish I lived in Texas because I would definately attend the classes she is teaching.

Well, got one more kid to get out the door to school and then I am headed off to Curves. I really need to start working out again before "I blow". I know my BP is back up. I need to call Dr. and have my bloodwork done. I have been really bad about taking my meds and staying on track. After that, I am going to get cleaned up and go get a pedicure and pick up some flowers from Home Depot. Sounds pretty funny buying flowers in late October. The joys of living in Florida!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

I just spent 45 minutes typing and updating my blog. As I was saving it, I got some kind of "error" message. So, I am typing this quick little note here to see if it was a fluke or if something is indeed wrong. Considering I don't know how to "fix" it, this may be my last blog entry.

I know it's been a long time but I have been extremely busy. Juggling two baseball teams is extremely time consuming and exhausting. The good news is that Greg's season is finally over. I felt so bad for that team because they were so bad. Not all their fault though. We had a coach who was constantly cancelling practices. The first half of the season, they got rained out. Then I think the coach just "gave up". So, Greg will continue to condition threee days a week and practice one. This will go on until Spring ball.

Elizabeth had homecoming last week. She went with a few of her friends. They all look gorgeous. One of her frients wore a dress by Reba McIntyre. I didn't even know she had a line of clothes but wow it was georgeous. It was oranges and browns. Not something you would expect someone to wear to a homecoming but it was so pretty. Her attitude is that she can wear it again and just "dress it up" or "dress it down" with different jewelry and clothing. Another mom and I took the girls to Bennigan's for dinner and they actually had several people stop by and compliment how nice they looked. Here's a picture of Liz. She has worn black and brown so she wanted blue this year. Times have sure changed since I went to Homecoming. My mom would not have let me wear a dress like that. Our Homecoming's were never that "formal".

Emily got her black belt! Yep. I have a 12 year old black belt. The ceremony was so cool. They called her up to break a brick. The sheer look of panic on her face was priceless. She has broken boards but never concrete. So, after getting a quick "pep talk" by her instructor, she did it. It was so cool.

Pardon the way the pictures are posted. I upload a picture and it puts them at the top of the blog. I don't know what I am doing wrong. At least you get the idea of the pictures anyway. This is why I guess I got so lazy with the blog is because "just don't get it". I don't even bother trying to post through AOL. So, I got through Internet Explorer and it seems to work.

Hard to believe October is almost over. Less than a month until Thanksgiving and then it's Christmas! WOW. I do love going to the stores and see the Christmas decorations. I also miss the snow and cold this time of year. So, at least going into the stores, it somewhat feels like the holidays.

Today I am off to have a "mom's day out". Steve has been working ridiculously long hours. I get so mad at him because he has always put his job first. I keep reminding him that Elizabeth will be going off to college in less than two years. He never used to be like this. He never would miss games, conferences, chorus concerts, etc. Now he doesn't even try. I feel like a single mom. I have the utmost respect for them. It's hard doing it yourself. I am lucky that the older kids are old enough to help out. I don't know what I would do without them. So, today my friend, Kate, and I are going to the most awesome Scrapbook Store. It's about an hour away but I deserve a day off. I have a list for Steve and all the places the kids have to be. He can handle it, at least I hope he can. But, I don't care if he can't. I need a day off! I am even leaving him in charge of dinner.

Well, it's almost 9:30. Guess I should get my day started. It's going to be a fun one!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

What a Day!

I am exhausted. Lately I have been in such a "funk" that I just needed to snap out of. I feel like all I have done is run, run, run. Greg has baseball 4 days a week and Elizabeth had to stay after school every day this week to work on her newspaper deadline. Emily has her karate two nights a week (all at the same time as the others). It's not so bad doing that "mom" stuff but it's in rush hour traffic. What normally takes five to ten minutes takes twenty to twenty five. It's always during dinner so we haven't had a decent "home cooked" dinner during the week. I love to cook! It's killing me having to make frozen stuff all week. I was born and raised and raised a "meat and potatoes" gal. My mom could cook!

Elizabeth is having a birthday party tomorrow night. So, I know that cleaning the house is a priority. I so wanted to sleep in this morning but I got up and tackled the mess! I even got the ladder out of the garage and cleaned on top of my cabinets and rearranged everything up there. I so love the new look! I took a break and met a friend at Michael's and we "browsed". We also stopped at Linen and Things and I walked out with a new shower curtain and towels for the bathroom I just had retiled. I'll post pictures when it is completely done. By just changing a few things around the house today, I felt like I had accomplished so much today. I still have a few things left to do before the party tomorrow, but I decided to take a nice soak in the tub with a glass of wine. Tomorrow is another day. I have been going and going so much that I feel like I am on auto-pilot. I just need to slow down.

So, my friend and I are working on our "play dates". Kids have them so why can't moms? Our play dates usually consist of a trip to the local scrapbook store, lunch and some actual scrapbooking or stamping. Who says kids have to have all the fun? I don't want to look back someday and see that I never did anything fun. I recently read a post on AOL scrapbook boards about why we scrap. I do it because I enjoy it and I hope to pass these on to my kids and grandkids someday.

I am hoping to start getting my house decorated for Fall. I usually don't decorate because I just don't have the time to get it out. Well, my scarecrow went up on the front door today and I put my scarecrow on my counter and pulled out a "fall scented" candle. I even baked a frozed pumpking pie last night so the house would smell good. Okay, so I was craving pumpkin pie!!

I will post some pictures of Elizabeth's party tomorrow. I am putting together a book for her so I can get pictures of her and her friends. I also cut up some cardstock so her friends can write a little message to her. You only turn 16 once!!!

Saturday, August 26, 2006


It's a rainy, dreary day here in the Tampa Bay. I would so love to stay in my jammies and just piddle around the house. Unfortunately, have 2 teens and 1 pre teen and that "ain't going to happen". I have a "to do" list that I could probably make a dent in but I have to spend my day running kids all over. Elizabeth is an editor on her High School newspaper. They all have to sell ads to businesses to pay for the printing of the paper. So, I have to drive her around to "try" and sell ads. That's a hard job because they are constantly being rejected. So, she called ahead and spoke to the owner of a business she sold to last year and she agreed to purchase another one. So, she was able to sell two for the next issue which saves on my having to write that "donation" check. Steve took the boys to work with him to help me out so I don't have to drag Mark out. Emily made all these plans as well. Yikes. Having teenagers is hard work!!!!

So, last night after dinner, I shut myself in my scrapbook room and scrapped another page. I have been so over whelmed by all the "pages" that are in the magazines these day. I felt that my pages are not even close to those. I keep going to scrapbook stores and buying all the "trendy" stuff and they just sit there. So, I decided to go back to "my style" of scrapbooking. I am just not one to use one picture per page. I take too many pictures. So, I did a page "my style" and afterward I felt such a feeling of accomplishment. It was just what I needed to get out of my slump. I can't wait until tonight to do another page. Here's the page that I did. It was Elizabeth's first day of school (11th grade). I used the tag as my inspiriation. I got it in a secret pal swap. I would love to give credit to the person who did it but I can't remember. I do know that she is no longer on AOL or I would probably remember her name. So, if you are reading this blog and recognize your work, contact me and I will tive you credit where credit is due. This person made me 4 tags, one for each year in high school. I love the picture of her and Greg. I even put that picture in Greg's high school album. I am still trying to figure out this blog and the picture was supposed to go into this paragraph. However, it keeps dumping it at the top. Hopefully someday I will figure out this blog. I really want to make it cute like other peoples with the banners and stuff but I can't figure it out. I am so computer illiterate.

Well, I guess I should get off the computer and start getting my stuff done for the day. Have a wonderful Saturday..................

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!!

Wow, I have a 16 year old! Today Elizabeth turned her sweet 16. Where has the time gone? Seems like just yesterday she was our baby girl. The time has just flown by. To celebrate, we grilled out some fish and shrimp. We also had angel hair pasta and green beans (her choice). For her cake we had an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. Those are our favorite cakes since Mark gets to eat them too and we don't have to worry about the eggs and peanut warnings. The one thing about the kids getting older is that they get less gifts. I used to love shopping for all their clothes and toys when they were little. Now, they don't play with toys and it's not cool for mom to pick out their clothes. So, her gifts were small in number but kind of pricey. She got an IPOD and a Vera Bradley purse. She also wanted a "nice" copy of Little Women. That's always been her favorite book so her dad went to the book store and got her a nice copy that she will always have. She is already talking about the things she is going to take with her when she goes away to college in two years. I will probably have to go into counseling when that happens. I am just not ready for my kids to start leaving home. I am too young!!!

Everyone is settling back into their school routine. This mom is loving her quiet time. I am slowly getting the house organized and I have been going through closets and getting rid of stuff. It is such a great feeling to be somewhat better organized without all the kids under my feet.

I am also finding time to spend on my scrapbooks. I have forgotton how much I really enjoy doing them. I keep buying all kinds of supplies, but I never sit down and actually spend time working on them.

Well, not much else to share. It's not even 10 pm and the kids are in their beds. They are finally realizing that sleep is good. So, this tired mom is going to crawl into her bed and watch her Northern Exposure DVD. That is one of my all time favorite TV shows. I found season one on DVD and I can't get enough of it. So, good night all..............................

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Well, I can't believe how long I have gone without updating this blog. That just gives an idea of how my summer was. It was crazy. I finally today was able to get a haircut since April!!!

The kids have gone back to school. I sent Greg off to high school, Emily started a brand new middle school that was just built and Mark started first grade at a different school. Liz is a junior this year so not much new for her except harder courses. We just got a postcard in the mail that it's time to order her class ring! Yikes. In addition, she will be 16 next weekend. I can't believe my little girl is 16. WOW. The time sure has gone by fast.

Our summer consisted of baseball, baseball and more baseball. Greg played Legion Ball for his High School. OUCH. They only won a couple of games. He played 3 games per week all over Tampa. I was so happy when it was over. I just hope the team will get better before Fall ball. He also went to baseball camp in St. Pete for week. He was so thrilled. Baseball from the time he got up at 7 till he went to bed at 10. This was the last year he will be able to attend. They only take them up to 14!

We were able to take a very quick trip to the Kennedy Space Center. We stayed in Melbourne which was absolutely breathtaking. The boys loved it but the girls and I kind of got bored. Mark was bored. I think he was expecting more rides. But, if you are into space, then you would love it.

I signed up to become a Stampin Up demonstrator. I thought I would give it a try and see if I can pull it off. Who knows. I have been playing with making cards and having a blast at it.

We finally got our bathroom done. We had to have the shower tile and tub replaced. The tiles were ready to fall off the wall. I guess when the house was built, they were some things they did wrong which allowed water to get back in the wall. Luckily we caught it before we had to deal with all the mold issues. Oh yeah, in the middle of that, my engine light in my van came on so $1,000 later it runs a lot better. Finally, this morning we woke up to the air conditioning not cooling. It has been running non stop with the heat. We shut it off for awhile and now it seems to be fine. Yikes. Hopefully our bad luck is behind us.

I finally got my hair cut this morning. I had a lot of it taken off so it's much shorter. Mark said the funniest thing. He followed me into my room and was watching me play with my hair and he says "you cut your hair off" I said, "Yep, it needed it. Do you like it?" His reply, "Yes. Now you look like a mom". Still trying to figure out what he me meant by that but it was funny.

Well, off to play with my stamps.............................

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Happy Birthday Mark!

It's hard to believe that six years ago today, my baby entered our family. We thought our family was complete with our three kids so it was a such a surprise and blessing that he came along. He definately has been our most "challenging" of all our kids. We have gone through things with him that we never experienced with the others. He definately keeps us young. So, we are having a laid back day. I have to go pick up his cake in a little while. He is really into Scooby Doo and Haunted Houses so that is this year's "theme". I'll post a picture later. We aren't having a party with his friends this year. The school never got the directory done so I don't have any addresses. Plus, he ended up getting into a class where all the kids have been together since they were all in play group. They all were in the same pre-school as well. Well, we only moved here a couple of years ago so we weren't "in" the "in group". Some of those kids were just downright mean and I was glad Mark never got "in their group". So, since he had a party last year with his pre-school friends, we decided just to make it a "family event". He picked the dinner menu and he chose chili. After dinner we are all going to see the movie "Cars". I can't wait. I just can't believe how fast the time has gone by. My baby is SIX!!!! So, Happy Birthday, Mark.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Crazy Couple of Weeks

It's been a crazy couple of weeks. Getting through all the kids end of year activities and exams is just exhausting. But, "we" all survived and into our 3rd week of our summer vacation.

Lots has happened the last few weeks. First of all, Greg's Little League team won the divisional championship. Yippee. This was his final year playing Little League. He made the High School Legion Ball team so he is still playing ball through the summer. So, I guess I can officially call him a high school baseball player! I thought I had a picture of him in his baseball uniform but I must not have uploaded it yet. I will do that in the next few days.

Elizabeth made her Confirmation on Saturday at Church. She's been preparing for this for several years. The picture above is of her and her Sponsor. (I don't know why the picture kept going to the top of the blog). Susan and I have been friends since the 6th grade. She and her husband Darryl are also Elizabeth's God Parents. She was able to fly down on Thursday and be here for the weekend. She got out just in time before all the bad weather blew in. The mass was beautiful. A retired Bishop from the Dominican Republic who lives in Naples came up and said the mass. She chose the Saint name Cecilia as her name. It was perfect because that was my Grandmother's name (she didn't know that when she chose it. Sadly I never got to meet her because she passed away before I was born). So, it was fitting.

Emily had a belt promotion and is a brown belt!!!! WOW. At only 12 years old. She finished up the school year and got her first ever set of straight A's. Woo Hoo. She always got that one B in Math. But she pulled it off. Way to go, Em!

Mark completed kindergarten. I sure do miss having my "quiet" time during the day but I am enjoying having the kids home. August 3rd will be here before we know it. He is starting a new school next school year so I am looking forward to that. He finished T-Ball and 2 more sessions of swimming lessons. I can't believe what a fish he has become. He loves to swim. Getting the swimming lessons was a must since this house came with a pool. He loves having the pool and is probably the only one of my kids who can't wait to get in it no matter how cold it can get.

Well. Can you believe we are only 12 days into the hurricane season and we are already experiencing the tropical weather. We didn't get hit directly by him but we got lots of much needed rain yesterday. I put on the weather radio last night and it kept going off to where I finally just turned it off. The winds picked up at 3 am and we were all up. There was a tornado warning just before we went to bed. Now it's just partly cloudy with some sun. I don't know what our weather is supposed to be today.

I have been working on my scrapbook room and it is really coming around. I have just one more section to paint and I spent last night sorting through pictures and stuff. It's amazing how much I got done and how inspiring and motivating that has been.

Well, I better wrap this up. I have a mountain of laundry to do. Now that Susan is gone I guess I better get back to all my daily stuff I have let go. It was a lot of fun having her here and I think I even managed to get her hooked on stamping/card making.

I am hoping to spend more time on this blog since it is fun to do. I don't have any idea if people read it but I am going to "spice it up". I love to read other's people's quotes and bible verses. I also love the challenges people post so I am going to give that a try. Until next time.......................

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Well, another birthday for Emily has come and gone. She is 12. Where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday we brought her home from the hospital. For her birthday, we totally surprised her with an IPOD. She was so shocked as you can see from her picture. Now she has something no one else in the family has! It wasn't really much of a birthday celebration though. She had an all day field trip through school to Cypress Springs over by Orlando. She didn't get home until 7:00 pm. She had a headache from being in the hot sun all day. That's why she is in her jammies because she took a quick shower before opening her presents. She also got some clothes. I am going to try and put a little party together for her friends at a placed called "Down To The Wire". It's where you make bracelets. It's so fun and you can make some really nice bracelets. Now, we just have to figure out how to use the IPOD!

Yesterday I went to Sam's Club and I bough the Carpenters Gold CD. It is awesome. I have it cranked up right now. I don't usually get to listen to "my music" because the kids always have the TV on. Steve hates this kind of music so it's a real treat for me to be able to listen to it without someone complaining.

Greg's birthday (14) is on Sunday. He just wants a new mitt. He will have some money left over so I don't know what else he wants. He is at that fun teenage boy stage where everything has to be a "name brand" and is really expensive (Under Armour, Oakley sun glasses, Nike). I can't believe that he will start High School in August. WOW. I am really feeling old--even know I am not. But, compared so other parents who started late having kids, I guess I am considered a "young mom".

Today I have a "to do" list that consists of CLEAN UP THE HOUSE. I have been so busy getting ready for birthdays that I have neglected the house and the laundry. But, no one dares complain because they know I will go off on them. There's 6 of us and only 1 of me. I remind them constantly that in other family's everyone pitches in. That really shuts them up. Even Steve does NOTHING around the h0use. The older he is getting the lazier he has become. I don't know what our future will be after the kids grow up and move out. I told him that once the kids leave the nest, what will we talk about. His job will always come first and I don't want to sit in the house all alone. I so wanted to get a part time job but I have never been able to because of HIS job. I have had to get out of jury duty twice now because he won't take off work to help with the kids. So he gets called for jury and he goes. Now, I don't want to go to jury duty but the point is he won't help me out. Eventually, I am not going to be able to get out of it. I just keep sending the same letter. I don't have any family here that will help out with the kids. Plus they are so involved in after school activities how would they get to and fro? My nieghbor is on jury duty right now and she is on it for 4 weeks! Ouch. There is just no way I could do it.

Well better get my day started. I have a full day of chores ahead of me. Hope everyone has a wonderul day. Until next time.....................

Thursday, April 13, 2006

When I see this picture, all I can do is smile. When I am having a bad day, this little guy knows just what to say to make it all better. Yesterday, he had a Spring hat parade. All the kindergartners went around the school to all the other classes. There were some really cool hats. When I asked him what kind of Spring hat he wanted to do, he said "baseball". While the other little boys had "flower" hats, he had a "baseball one". We took pipe cleaners and glued baseball embellisments to them. Then I sewed them onto his hat. I also glued some pin backs onto some patches and pinned them to the sides. He looked very cool.

I can't believe that it is Easter already. Where has the time gone? The older I get, the faster it goes by. I really dread this time next year because that means Elizabeth will be finishing her Junior year and will be a Senior. That is just so depressing. Just yesterday my kids were babies. I think I am so bummed this week because Emily and Greg both have birthdays next week. Emily will be 12 and Greg will be 14. For some reason, that just makes me so very sad. The kids don't need me like they used to and I really miss that. They all still come and kiss me goodnight still and I look forward to that every night. I am paranoid though that when the kids move out and go away to college, that Steve and I will have nothing in common. I have spent all these years being mom and he has just worked. I have no idea what I will do when I can't be a mom all the time. At least I have many years with Mark. He will be 6 in June. He definately keeps us young.

I am still trying to get myself and my house organized. It is still out of control. I am so far behind on my cleaning, laundry and forget about my scrapbook room. It's a disaster. I was seriously thinking about hiring one of those professional organizerst to come in but I changed my mind. I think I can do this myself and I am going to succeed at it.

Well, tonight is one of those crazy nights. Greg has a baseball game. I even cooked dinner. We are having fried chicken, mashed pototoes and a veggie (haven't decided which one yet). Steve actually has the day off from work tomorrow so I am hoping we can clean up the house. I think I might have him turn on the pool heater and we can at least throw the kids in the pool. It's starting to really warm up here in Florida. I hope this isn't a sign of things to come this summer. Right now, I am just dreading the thought that hurricane season is only 6 weeks away.

Well, better get a move on. On a happy note, I just got 2 Creating Keepsakes in the mail. I can't wait to crawl into bed tonight and read them!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Wow. I did it! I got it to work and was able to put in a picture. I think I have finally given up trying to use my blog in aol and am using my verizon account!

So, here we are at Disney World last week. We had a great time considering it was Spring Break and I think everyone was there too. The weather was perfect. I have been there when it has been so hot you just want to leave.

The kids go back to school today! Yippee. It was a long week off and I felt bad because it really wasn't much of a break for them. Grandma and Grandpa were in town and we had to "entertain" them. So, the kids didn't get to do anything with their friends. So, I had to make the decision that next Spring Break --no company. It was just chaos. It was already chaotic in our house with the 6 of us but add in two more it was crazy. Forget trying to watch TV or the news! No one would stop talking. I am glad my house is "mine" again and I can say, do, watch, discipline my kids any way I want to.

I am planning on staying around the house today to catch up on my laundry and pick up the house. It's not too bad but we were doing something everyday so I kind of got behind.

Now that Spring Break is over, we are on the "home stretch" of the school year. I have to really work on getting the kids ready for their new schools. Greg will move up the high school :*( Emily got re-districted and will attend a new middle school that will be opening and I took Mark out of his current neighborhood school and put him in a different school for 1st grade. So, I am really trying hard to finish all my PTSA work for my current middle school to turn in. I spent Saturday night cutting and counting the Box Tops. I "inherited" that job when my friend moved away and no one else would do it. I didn't mind because it's all for the kids. Well, it turns out that the deadline was the end of February and not March as it has been in the past. We were never notified of the change so the school won't get their check until next school year. Oh well. Now I just have to do the Campbell's Labels and inventory all the T-Shirts and PE Uniforms and then I am done! I am also chairing the 8th grade send off! That's my big project. It's going very well except as usual you get one person who doesn't return calls or emails. I gave her several chances so now we have to make the committee decision to go ahead and do it without her.

I have a dentist appointment today--just for a cleaning. Other than that I am planning on being a home body today. A part of me wants to climb back into my bed. It's cold here in Florida. It went down into the 40's! Okay, now I know that it isn't cold but when you move away from it you get really used to the warmer weather. Sometimes I miss the snow, but ask me how the weather is at the end of the week--80's!

Tonight for dinner we are going to eat "Carolina Pork Taco's" One of dinners I prepared at "Let's Do Chef's". That was so fun and I can't wait to do it again next month. I am really trying to get back into cooking. I love to cook. However, my kids are plain cheeseburger kids! So, I have made it my personal mission to change that and offer them different foods. I have to send Liz off to college in 2 years and she can't always eat "plain cheeseburgers or chicken fingers" At least she will be a cheap date when she gets taken out to dinner! I have always loved food. I bought one Paula Deen's cookbooks so I am going to have fun cooking.

Well, time to get the last two kids out the door. Boy, will Greg have a hard time next year when he starts High School. Right now he doesn't have to leave until 8:30 to catch the bus. In high school, the bus picks them up at 6:15!!!!

Until next time.......................

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I can't believe how long it's been since I have posted to my blog. Wow. Over a month! I guess my life is just so busy that there are days when I feel it's out of control. Both boys are playing baseball, Emily is still in karate and Liz is just a typical high schooler on the go. I have given up any "me" time there is. Plus, I still can't figure out how to properly use the bog. I can't figure out to add favorites and I have only been able to upload one picture and I haven't been able to do it again. So, a part of me has just given up.

It's been a busy month. Steve and I squeezed in a date night last week and went out to dinner (Chili's) and then to the Broadway play "Little Women". It was so good. Not as good as Wicked though that we saw in January. It's already coming back next year and we have our tickets. Chicago is coming to town so I am hoping Steve will surprise me with some tickets!!!

The kids are on Spring break right now and the in-laws are in town. My house is really clean though. I spent all day Monday scrubbing the house and it really feels/looks nice. I got my new furniture on Sunday. The room is still "a work in progress" and we have to finish painting the living room, dining room, halls and kitchen. We have been in this house for almost 3 years and were using the furniture from 2 houses ago. I liked the furniture but it just didn't "fit" into this house. (I have tried several times to upload the picture but it won't work). I'll keep trying.

I guess we are headed off to Disney World on Friday. Not too excited about doing it over Spring Break but the in-laws seemed determined to go. We have 3 day passes and I am not thrilled about using them up when we can only do a couple of rides, but I have been outnumbered.

Still working on organizing my scrapbook room. I don't know where to start. Jennifer (Jenyfer28), how would you like to get me organized? She was recently featured in Creating Keepsakes magazine. Her set up was awesome. I so admire her work and how organized she is! I look forward to reading her blog and finding out what yummy recipe she has posted.

Eventually I will get my act together. For now, everything is just crazy. It was definately a lot easier and simpler when the kids were little.

Well, kids are off to the pool with grandparents so I am going to enjoy the peace and quiet and do some more laundry. Until next time............

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Well, it's been awhile since I have posted. I have tried unsuccessfully several times. For some reason, the return key wouldn't work. I finally asked another blogger if she had a clue, she suggested I tried posted under something other than AOL. Guess what. It worked. I don't know what is going on with AOL but I am getting totally frustrated with it.

Anyways, a lot has been going on. Earlier this week, it got really cold here in Florida and I wasn't prepared. No one has any heavy coats anymore. It only lasted two mornings and it is already warming up. They all are going off to school in shorts today. No wonder we have all been sick.

I took Mark back to the audiologist to have his left ear tested since she couldn't get a read on it last time. It turns out that he is missing that seal in his ear as well. So, now he has to have an EEG/brain scan just to confirm her diagnosis and make sure there isn't anything else physically there wrong that a neurolgist can "fix'. So, we are going to do the procedure this summer. He has to go to the hospital and have it done and they will sedate him so I don't want him to miss anymore school. I met with his teacher and the school counselor and he now has a 504 Plan. Basically, what it does is allow him extra time on testing and in some cases he will be allowed to be tested in a quiet room away from distractions. Mark is missing the seals in his ears that naturally protects him from loud noises. We all have them. He gets very "over whelmed" when everyone is talking and the atmosphere is loud. He basically "zones out". He will cover his ears. He may never play in a band and he struggles to sit through movies at the theatre. He hates public restrooms because they are so loud. As he gets older he will learn how to adapt to it but since his is only 5 he cries. The ideal classroom for him would be a very small class but that isn't possible. He has 21 kids in his classs which is still better than other schools. His teacher has been such an advocate for him and I like her so much. She said, now that we all know what's going on with him, he has just "taken off" in school. They have their little system down and he is doing so much better.

The boys officially kicked off their baseball season so now I pretty much live at the ball fields. It's fun though and I enjoy watching them play. So, we didn't get to celebrate Valentines Day so Steve and I are hoping to catch dinner on Saturday night. I think we are going to Macaroni Grill.

Not much else going on today. I really need to just stay home and clean. I am so behind on my laundry so I am hoping to get that done too. I bought some flowers to plant but I held off when I heard the cold was coming so I may plant them today in the pots on the porch. It's supposed to be a beautful day (79) so I may open the windows and air out the house. We certainly need it after we have all been sick.

Well, it's time to get the final two kids out the door and off to school. I will have until 2 pm to get a bunch of stuff done until it's time to go get Mark from school. Once they start rolling in the door it's total chaos. Tonight we have karate and a baseball game. Plus my Dancing With the Stars and Survivor are on. I may have Steve go to this game solo (it's not like there are other games). I am in TV heaven with all these Reality Shows that are on. My favorite one starts soon--The Amazing Race!! WooHoo. So, I am glued to Survivor, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars and soon The Amazing Race. Steve thinks I am absolutely crazy and won't watch them with. Occassionally I can get him to sit and watch The Amazing Race. Until next time................

Friday, February 03, 2006

I did it! I finally got a picture! Baby steps. This was the picture I sent out with our Christmas cards this year. It's rare that I can get all the kids in one picture AND have them all smiling. That was such a fun trip. We are talking about making it an annual "family trip". Even the kids enjoyed themselves. They are at the age when who knows what they like. It changes daily.

It has been an absolutely crazy week. Mark started off with the cold/flu. He missed 4 days of school. Elizabeth caught it as well and missed one day. She is too stressed out over her classes to have missed any more. I wish she would have stayed home more but she felt she just couldn't get too far behind. She got her ranking from the counselor the other day. Out of 543 kids in her sophmore class, she is ranked #8! We are so proud of her. She has done this all by herself.

Anyways, I ended up catching what they had. Today is day #7. It has really kicked my butt. I finally forced myself out of the house yesterday and went to JC Penny (I needed a new pair of denim shorts). I woke up today feeling better but not great and it has been raining, thundering and lightening. I was hoping to go to Lowe's and get some paint swatches so I can decide on my paint colors finally. Think I will stay home and putz around instead. I don't feel like going out in the pouring rain.

The boys are supposed to have Opening Ceremonies tonight for baseball but I just can't see that happening. All I see is muddy fields (and muddy shoes). It's too bad though because Outback Steakhouse donates the food and this is the leagues big fund raiser. But, at the same time, the thought of standing in the rain and mud doesn't appeal to me either.

Guess I better take advantage of this gloomy, rainy day and get some housework done. It'll be time for the kids to come home before you know. Until next time...............

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

All in a days work for a Mom:

I finally have a chance to sit down and spend a few minutes updating my blog. It has been a crazy couple of days.

My weekend started off having a sick kid! Mark was running a fever and coughing. It's one of those deals when you would give him Motrin, the fever would go down and when it would wear off, the fever would spike back up. So, Saturday was a pretty long day.

Saturday night I took Elizabeth (my 15 year old) to see the Broadway show "Wicked". What a show! It was awesome. If anyone has a chance to see it, I highly recommend it. It was her first show and she had a great time.

Sunday, Mark was still under the weather but then Elizabeth came down with whatever Mark had. She was running a fever, headache, chills, etc. Gave her some Tylenol and sent her back to her bed. Unfortunately, neither of them was feeling better so they both stayed home from school yesterday. She went back to school today, but Mark still stayed home. He woke up with a fever again and was just laying around. I gave him some Motrin which has now kicked in and he is fine. The doctor's office opens at 10 so I am going to put a call in to them. He should be feeling better by now.

So, I am now two days behind in my "to do" list. I haven't been able to get up to the school and finish my PTSA stuff but that's okay. My kids are sick and need me here at home. As you can see, I still haven't worked on putting pictures in my blog. That's on my "to do" list. Greg (my almost 14 year old) signed up to take Web Design in school. So, maybe he will eventually be able to teach me all the tricks of the internet besides just the basics.

Today I get to spend the day working on my mountain of laundry that has piled up again. I have been pretty good keeping the clutter in tact but I still have some to sort through. I have definately been doing better. I figure baby steps!

Well, that's all I have for now. Mark wants me to play Play Doh so I am off. As much as I don't like cleaning up all the dried up pieces, it sure is fun to play with though! Until next time....................

Friday, January 20, 2006

Wow. I can't believe I have gotton so far behind in my blog. I have been extremely busy since the kids went back to school. So much to tell.

First, I have spent a lot of time at the middle school selling PE uniforms to the 6th graders. That's my PTSA job and with a new semester starting, a lot of kids took PE. Of course, we have run out of uniforms twice so as soon as the order comes in, I will have to go back up. I don't mind doing it but it just stinks that out of 1500 kids in a school, parent volunteers are hard to come by.

I took a tour of the new middle school that was just built. I am really unhappy with Mark's school so I am looking at alternatives for him. I met the principal and she was so kind. I have a good feeling about this school and even though, I will have do drive him, it will be in his best interest. As for the middle school which I have been very involved with, the school board unanimously voted to rezone us from our neighborhood school to another school. It really stinks. Emily will be the only one affected. But, I know the new school will be good. I just feel so bad because I really enjoyed that school.

Since Lisa moved away, I have been pretty bored. I have really been sorting through stuff since I have no one to run around with. But, boy does it feel good to throw stuff out!

Tonight, we have nowhere to go! I love these kind of nights. We are going to order pizza and I am shutting myself in my scrapbook room and working. As soon as Steve walks through the door, I am officially off duty. Until next time................

Friday, January 06, 2006

TGIF!!!!! Even though this was just a 4 day school week, it seemed like it went on forever. Tomorrow is just as busy so I guess I am a bit premature being so happy. It's not like I get to sleep in.

What a busy week! I thought with the kids going back to school, I would actually get something accomplished. WRONG. The Xmas stuff is still up. The house still needs to be cleaned. What happend to my "Just say no" attitude. I spent Wednesday at the Elementary school coping and stapling 1000 11 page newsletters. Now I normally wouldn't have done it but the person who asked me is a friend and she really needed help. Now out of all the 3 schools that my kids attend, it's that one I just cringe when I walk onto the campus. I can literally feel my blood pressure rise. But, it's done. Then yesterday I went over to the middle school and did some PTSA stuff. I don't mind going over there because everyone is so nice. Here's my reason why everyone is different at the middle school. When their kids are in Elementary school, everyone thinks their kids are the best at everything and are the smartest. Moms can't wait to jump right in and do everything. By the time their kids are in middle school, people know their kid(s) aren't the smartest so they (the parent) now keeps quiet and don't get involved. I know it probably doesn't make sense but it does to me. Next year, I will probably get more involved at the High School level since Liz and Greg will be at that school.

Today I am going to lunch up in Dade City. We are goingt to this little cafe type restaurant where the waitresses all wear their crisp white uniforms and shoes. There are no menus and they bring a blackboard with the selections. I am going with my neighbor since it's her day off of work. I really should stay home but she put it together.

I have been really good and cooked dinner every night this week. I even stayed on top of Elizabeth doing the dishes. She actually did good! Next week is Greg's week. I might take tonight off and order a pizza.

Last night I sat and watched "Dancing with the Stars". I love that show. There were a couple of stars that I just cracked up with when I watched them. Poor Master P. My favorites are Drew Lachey and I just love that Lisa Rinna. I think she is so cute. She has great hair!!!

Well, Emily is on one of her rampages so I guess that's my sign to say goodbye. Only 30 more minutes and she is off to school for the next 8 hours. She is nuts. She gets so upset about the dumbest of things. Her temper is getting worse and her mouth and talking back is going to really get her in trouble. I just took the computer away from her all weekend so now I have to go and change her password. I gave her a warning and she just kept on so now she blew it. I am not going to let her get me so riled up this early in the morning though. Until next time............

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!!! It's hard to believe that 2006 is here! Where has the time gone? As a kid, time seemed to go by so slowly. Now that I am grown up, it's going way to fast!

I spent my New Year's Eve in my bed watching a movie. I just don't get into the whole New Year's Eve scene. I was very content watching "Murphy's Romance" until I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. I did make it until midnight though.

I have decided that 2006 is all about me! I am taking "me" back. For so long, I have done everything for everyone else that I have neglected "me". I look at my kids (except Mark because he is only 5) and I realize how lazy they have become. Greg does okay when I ask him to do stuff, but my girls throw fits if I ask them to unload the dishwasher, get their dirty clothes off the floor and into the laundry room. Then I am so busy driving them all over that the laundry piles up into mountains and you literally break your neck coming in from the garage. So, I am going to "break" these kids into shape. Starting today, Elizabeth will do the dishwasher for an entire week. Then next Sunday, Greg and then Emily. I am also going to assign them days to do their laundry! Elizabeth is 15 giong on 16 and is always giving me some kind of excuse as to why she can't help. Unfortunately, this will be a battle I have to go alone. Steve is never home to help enforce these rules. He is always at work. So, what's that saying "If Momma ain't happy then no one is happy". Well, if this Momma is happy, life will be so much simpler on everyone. The kid whine because they don't get an allowance. Well, we have had this discussion before. They don't do anything to earn one! So, maybe this is what I will hold over them. Usually, if they want to go out and do something, I will give them the $. Well, NO MORE. They have to earn it! Also, there is no more separate dinners if they don't like what I cook. No more Top Ramen! Also, the TV will be off more. I love listening to the music on the satellite (especially the 80's station)! But, as soon as I leave the room, it gets turned off. They aren't allowed to have TV's in their rooms so that isn't even an option. I feel like a mean mom but my kids weren't raised this way and I have let them walk all over me the last couple of years. Steve is just as bad. I will have the music on and he will walk in from work and turn the music off too. So, I am taking it back! Wish me luck and I will keep you posted. Okay, enough rambling.

I get to spend my day doing laundry and start putting the Xmas stuff away. BUT, I am not going to fold "their" laundry, just put it in their baskets and let them fold it and put it away! As for dinner, I don't know what we are having. We have some ribs in the freezer I might make. There's this great restaurant in Cincinnati and they have the best ribs. Every year for Christmas, Steve's mom and dad send us some. Yum.
Montgomery Inn - Home of the World's Greatest Ribs

Guess I better get my day started. I am waiting for Steve to get out of bed so I can use my bed to sort the laundry. Must be nice to sleep in. I have yet to have a day to sleep in and he get up to make the coffee. I even mentioned it to him how nice it would be but I guess it went in one ear and out the other. Oh well.

Well, here's to another year. Hopefully 2006 will be a better year for me personally. Until next time......................