Friday, January 06, 2006

TGIF!!!!! Even though this was just a 4 day school week, it seemed like it went on forever. Tomorrow is just as busy so I guess I am a bit premature being so happy. It's not like I get to sleep in.

What a busy week! I thought with the kids going back to school, I would actually get something accomplished. WRONG. The Xmas stuff is still up. The house still needs to be cleaned. What happend to my "Just say no" attitude. I spent Wednesday at the Elementary school coping and stapling 1000 11 page newsletters. Now I normally wouldn't have done it but the person who asked me is a friend and she really needed help. Now out of all the 3 schools that my kids attend, it's that one I just cringe when I walk onto the campus. I can literally feel my blood pressure rise. But, it's done. Then yesterday I went over to the middle school and did some PTSA stuff. I don't mind going over there because everyone is so nice. Here's my reason why everyone is different at the middle school. When their kids are in Elementary school, everyone thinks their kids are the best at everything and are the smartest. Moms can't wait to jump right in and do everything. By the time their kids are in middle school, people know their kid(s) aren't the smartest so they (the parent) now keeps quiet and don't get involved. I know it probably doesn't make sense but it does to me. Next year, I will probably get more involved at the High School level since Liz and Greg will be at that school.

Today I am going to lunch up in Dade City. We are goingt to this little cafe type restaurant where the waitresses all wear their crisp white uniforms and shoes. There are no menus and they bring a blackboard with the selections. I am going with my neighbor since it's her day off of work. I really should stay home but she put it together.

I have been really good and cooked dinner every night this week. I even stayed on top of Elizabeth doing the dishes. She actually did good! Next week is Greg's week. I might take tonight off and order a pizza.

Last night I sat and watched "Dancing with the Stars". I love that show. There were a couple of stars that I just cracked up with when I watched them. Poor Master P. My favorites are Drew Lachey and I just love that Lisa Rinna. I think she is so cute. She has great hair!!!

Well, Emily is on one of her rampages so I guess that's my sign to say goodbye. Only 30 more minutes and she is off to school for the next 8 hours. She is nuts. She gets so upset about the dumbest of things. Her temper is getting worse and her mouth and talking back is going to really get her in trouble. I just took the computer away from her all weekend so now I have to go and change her password. I gave her a warning and she just kept on so now she blew it. I am not going to let her get me so riled up this early in the morning though. Until next time............

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Jennifer Stewart said...

That restaurant sounds like so much fun! Did you enjoy it? Love the blackboard menu :)