Monday, March 27, 2006

Wow. I did it! I got it to work and was able to put in a picture. I think I have finally given up trying to use my blog in aol and am using my verizon account!

So, here we are at Disney World last week. We had a great time considering it was Spring Break and I think everyone was there too. The weather was perfect. I have been there when it has been so hot you just want to leave.

The kids go back to school today! Yippee. It was a long week off and I felt bad because it really wasn't much of a break for them. Grandma and Grandpa were in town and we had to "entertain" them. So, the kids didn't get to do anything with their friends. So, I had to make the decision that next Spring Break --no company. It was just chaos. It was already chaotic in our house with the 6 of us but add in two more it was crazy. Forget trying to watch TV or the news! No one would stop talking. I am glad my house is "mine" again and I can say, do, watch, discipline my kids any way I want to.

I am planning on staying around the house today to catch up on my laundry and pick up the house. It's not too bad but we were doing something everyday so I kind of got behind.

Now that Spring Break is over, we are on the "home stretch" of the school year. I have to really work on getting the kids ready for their new schools. Greg will move up the high school :*( Emily got re-districted and will attend a new middle school that will be opening and I took Mark out of his current neighborhood school and put him in a different school for 1st grade. So, I am really trying hard to finish all my PTSA work for my current middle school to turn in. I spent Saturday night cutting and counting the Box Tops. I "inherited" that job when my friend moved away and no one else would do it. I didn't mind because it's all for the kids. Well, it turns out that the deadline was the end of February and not March as it has been in the past. We were never notified of the change so the school won't get their check until next school year. Oh well. Now I just have to do the Campbell's Labels and inventory all the T-Shirts and PE Uniforms and then I am done! I am also chairing the 8th grade send off! That's my big project. It's going very well except as usual you get one person who doesn't return calls or emails. I gave her several chances so now we have to make the committee decision to go ahead and do it without her.

I have a dentist appointment today--just for a cleaning. Other than that I am planning on being a home body today. A part of me wants to climb back into my bed. It's cold here in Florida. It went down into the 40's! Okay, now I know that it isn't cold but when you move away from it you get really used to the warmer weather. Sometimes I miss the snow, but ask me how the weather is at the end of the week--80's!

Tonight for dinner we are going to eat "Carolina Pork Taco's" One of dinners I prepared at "Let's Do Chef's". That was so fun and I can't wait to do it again next month. I am really trying to get back into cooking. I love to cook. However, my kids are plain cheeseburger kids! So, I have made it my personal mission to change that and offer them different foods. I have to send Liz off to college in 2 years and she can't always eat "plain cheeseburgers or chicken fingers" At least she will be a cheap date when she gets taken out to dinner! I have always loved food. I bought one Paula Deen's cookbooks so I am going to have fun cooking.

Well, time to get the last two kids out the door. Boy, will Greg have a hard time next year when he starts High School. Right now he doesn't have to leave until 8:30 to catch the bus. In high school, the bus picks them up at 6:15!!!!

Until next time.......................

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I can't believe how long it's been since I have posted to my blog. Wow. Over a month! I guess my life is just so busy that there are days when I feel it's out of control. Both boys are playing baseball, Emily is still in karate and Liz is just a typical high schooler on the go. I have given up any "me" time there is. Plus, I still can't figure out how to properly use the bog. I can't figure out to add favorites and I have only been able to upload one picture and I haven't been able to do it again. So, a part of me has just given up.

It's been a busy month. Steve and I squeezed in a date night last week and went out to dinner (Chili's) and then to the Broadway play "Little Women". It was so good. Not as good as Wicked though that we saw in January. It's already coming back next year and we have our tickets. Chicago is coming to town so I am hoping Steve will surprise me with some tickets!!!

The kids are on Spring break right now and the in-laws are in town. My house is really clean though. I spent all day Monday scrubbing the house and it really feels/looks nice. I got my new furniture on Sunday. The room is still "a work in progress" and we have to finish painting the living room, dining room, halls and kitchen. We have been in this house for almost 3 years and were using the furniture from 2 houses ago. I liked the furniture but it just didn't "fit" into this house. (I have tried several times to upload the picture but it won't work). I'll keep trying.

I guess we are headed off to Disney World on Friday. Not too excited about doing it over Spring Break but the in-laws seemed determined to go. We have 3 day passes and I am not thrilled about using them up when we can only do a couple of rides, but I have been outnumbered.

Still working on organizing my scrapbook room. I don't know where to start. Jennifer (Jenyfer28), how would you like to get me organized? She was recently featured in Creating Keepsakes magazine. Her set up was awesome. I so admire her work and how organized she is! I look forward to reading her blog and finding out what yummy recipe she has posted.

Eventually I will get my act together. For now, everything is just crazy. It was definately a lot easier and simpler when the kids were little.

Well, kids are off to the pool with grandparents so I am going to enjoy the peace and quiet and do some more laundry. Until next time............