Wednesday, May 28, 2008


my high school graduate. She received her diploma tonight. She graduated #8 in her class (not sure what the final count was but it was around 500). Not to bad! It was definately a proud moment tonight. I held up well and didn't cry until tonight when I uploaded my pictures off my camera. She is no longer a Freedom Patriot but now a Florida Gator!!!!! Way to go, Liz.

Friday, May 23, 2008

It's here

The day that I have dreaded for the last 13 years, is here. Today is Elizabeth's last day of high school (well, really yesterday was. Today it's Senior Day and the school has lots of fun activities planned). She will be home around lunch time. I've been handling this really well until this morning I got my last email from the guidance counseler with the heading "Bye bye Seniors". It was then that I got all choked up. I wanted to take a picture of her leaving but she was gone when I got back from dropping Mark off at school. So, maybe when she gets home. Commencement is Wednesday. I planned on "painting" her windows on her car but it was raining this morning. Now the sun is out so I will definately do it later.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What a Finish

WOW. What a finale. I was rooting for both of these teams since week #1. I thought Kristi had a slight advantage but how could you not want her and Mark to win? They were a great couple. I loved Jason. What a dancer he became! He was a hottie! I have loved Edyta all through the seasons and I am glad they finally got her a partner that could take her to the end. In my book, it was a tie. Two fantastic dancers that deserved to be there in the final two. Tom B. commented they would be back in September. Woo Hoo. Love my Dancing show. Can't wait to see who is on next season. So, now my Monday and Tuesday evenings are free. I saw a few previews for some upcoming new reality shows that will be one soon and am looking forward to them. The Mole is one of them. I've watched Celebrity Mole in the past and it was a fun show so I will give that show a watch.
Have a great Wednesday. Make it a good one.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

I'm still alive. I have been MIA from my blog now for a few weeks. We have made First Communion and Confirmation (I will post pictures soon). Right now I am knee deep in planning a graduation party next weekend for about 35 people. I'm also trying to put a video together from the many pictures I have gathered. I have no clue what I am doing since I am not computer smart.

Be back soon..............................

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Where's the book?

Remember when you were expecting your first baby? One of the first things I did was buy the book "What to Expect When You're Expecting". I read that book all the time with all four of my kids. After that, I didn't have time to read. I've never been one to read all of the parenting books but I did read a few. I wanted to stay up to date to see if I was "doing it right". I am in no way a parenting expert but raising 4 kids (17, 16, 14 & 7), I consider myself experienced. As I look back and think about the advice I have been given through the years, I feel like people forgot to fill me in on a few things. The early 90's were a blur to me. Having 3 babies in car seats and 2 in diapers at the same time really did a number on my brain function. Looking back, I think, how did I do it? Not only did I do it, I did it by myself. I didn't have Grandma's and relatives that would come over so I could go to the grocery or take a shower. I drug those kids to the grocery stores and any other errands I had to do. I would wait until hubby got home from work to get stuff done. One of the WORST pieces of advice I kept hearing was "it will get easier when they get older". It doesn't! I don't want to scare any new mom's out there but having the babies was the easy part. Gone are the days where you could put them in their crib or playpen and then they would take a nap. Gone are the days, where you could put them in the high chair with cheerios and they would sit still long enough to eat them all gone. These days, having my family sit at the dinner table at one time is a miracle. Where did it say this in the book? Gone are the days where we could go to McDonald's and get out of there under $20 with Happy Meals. If we do make it out to dinner (which is rare), it's about $75. They have to have platters. Don't get me started on clothing. Gone are the days of picking up outfits at Target (my favorite). Now it's American Eagle and Hollister. I recently picked up some underwear for one of my girls at Victoria Secret-hey they were a bargain. I never thought the day would come that I would be shopping for my baby girls there. Gone are the days of buying princess panties at Target. Where was this in the books? Where in the books did it say the emotional rollercoaster one will ride as one of their kids prepares for college and another one starts high school?

I know I am rambling on and on and I apologize. I am not even sure what the message of this blog entry even is. I guess I'm just looking for a book "What to Expect the Teenage Years". Maybe I could write the book.