Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Hard to believe another Christmas has come and gone. These past few weeks have just been crazy. Getting on to update my blog was at the bottom of my to do list. I was lucky I got to get on Facebook. But now that things have slowed down, I hopefully won't neglect my poor blog. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Can't believe 2010 is just days away. Remember this time 10 years ago when everyone was freaking out about Y2K? It was 10 years ago!!!!

Good news on the college front. Greg got accepted into the University of Tampa. He had pretty much decided the Univerisity of Southern Florida is where he would go. They have one of the top programs for what he wants to do. The University of Tampa also had a good program. The University of Tampa is a private college and Bright Futures only pays 100% to public colleges so financially it was a stretch and we just couldn't do it. Well, yesterday he got this "acceptance packet". Not only did he get accepted, he also got accepted to the Honors College AND the Dean's Scholarship.....$9,000 per year. It's still a stretch but now not out of the question. Steve thinks that we can somehow pull this off. Also, the student to teacher ratio is now 23/1, which is awesome. Someone has a BIG decision to make. His job now is to get online and start researching ANY scholarships that can help him. He still is going to sit down and talk to our good friend, Alex, who is a personal trainer, which is what he wants to do...Exercise Sciences. Sometimes they hear things better if it comes from someone other than a parent. We are on board for whatever school he chooses. Either way, he can still live at home so we won't have the room/board bill! Oh happy day.

Like everyone else, I am in the organize mode for the new year. Like Tina (her blog link is on the sidebar of my blog), I am going to tackle one room at a time. I have way too much stuff and it's time to let it go.

Another goal for the new year for me is to run. I still work out my two days a week but I have decided on those other days, I want to run. I used to run in high school many years ago. I think I can do it again. I bought me a cute pair of gray and pink running shoes and I am ready to go. Santa also brought me the Wii Fit. That's going to be fun.

Weather here in Tampa finally feels like winter. It's days like this that I regret getting rid of all my sweaters. What was I thinking?

So, college football. We were devasted that Urban Meyer (the UF coach) had resigned. However, the next day he changed his mind and decided to take a leave of absense for health reasons. You got to respect a guy who would put his health and family first. I know he will be back. He (and his wife) are such great people and assets to that institution. Can you believe that they have to play the University of Cincinnati in the Sugar Bowl? Even though I am an alumni of UC, I am rooting for the Gators! Poor Greg is a HUGE UC fan and he has to work on New Years Day during the game. He's not happy. Speaking of the Gators, Liz got a staff position on The Independent Alligator (the college paper). AND, she will get paid to write. So happy for her. I know she will do well.

Time to get off this computer. I am going to take Mark to the community center so we can walk around the lake. Time to get out and get some exercise.

Happy New Year to all my blog buddies. Hope it's a healthy and prosperous one.