Monday, January 26, 2009

Awww man (in my best Ted voice from Scrubs) it's Monday again. Where did the weekend go? However, it's a beautiful day here in Florida. Blue sky, cool morning and temps are supposed to be around 78. This is why I love Florida!

I finally broke down on Saturday and went to the health clinic. I was admitting defeat with my most recent bout of whatever was kicking my behind. The constant coughing was so annoying that my chest was hurting whenever I coughed. I was sick of the scratchy voice and wanted my own voice back. So, turns out I have pharyngitis (sp??). I left with a dosage of drugs. On my way home, I stopped at CVS to get my prescription filled and there was a sign in their window "pharmacy closed". What???? So, I stopped at home and picked up my picture card to my camera and decided to hit Walgreens. While they filled my prescription, I got some pictures printed off in the hopes of scrapping them. I am feeling somewhat better after 3 of the 5 doses. I feel good enough to go get my teeth cleaned which I was supposed to do last week but cancelled because I felt so bad. This morning, Mark woke up hacking and coughing. I gave him a dose of medicine and sent him off to school. I have a feeling he will have a short week this week. That poor kid has missed more school this school year than he has his entire time in school.

Well, all good things must come to an end...................... I'm a mini van mom. I've been a mini van mom since we found out we were having Emily. So for 15 years, I've driven a mini van. I'm on mini van #2. We got this mini van right after Mark was born so it will be 9 years old. It's in great shape. I remember the day we got it. I was so happy because the other van was icky. It was always breaking down and cost us a fortune to keep fixing. Sad thing was, it "died" with only 70,000 miles. With 3 kids and a newborn, we decided to invest in a new one. My new van has been through the Nevada desert, through the burnt hills of California, up the mountains carrying skis, from Florida to Ohio. "She" has about 104,000 miles. She just keeps going and going. The kids won't drive her though. It's "uncool" to drive a mini van. So they would rather me drop them off than to drive her. Two years ago, we invested in a 3rd car. Liz inherited Steve's car and Steve got a new red Toyota Camry. I love that car!!! But, he got it since it was better on gas mileage. Last week he worked in Kansas so he took the van to leave at the airport and I was spoiled driving his car. When he came back, I kept his car in the garage purposely blocked in when he got back. He never said anything, but he drove the van to work for a couple of days. I never offered to move the cars back either. hehe. Last night, he finally went out and switched the cars back. I asked him why. He said (with a smile), the van is too big and takes too much gas. He wanted "his" car back. So, this morning as Mark and I were leaving, even he commented "aaw man, we have to take the van"? Yep. I'm back to "mini van" mom. So, I was informed that Steve will be working in Kansas next week so you can bet which car will be sitting at the Tampa International Airport!

Today is just a typical Monday. It's so quiet here right now with everyone gone back to school. My plan is to catch up on Mt. Washmore and "air" out the house since we were able to shut the furnace off. I may even sneak into my scrapbook room and see if I can finish a layout. I'm in a major scrapbook slump right now. Maybe the warm sunshine will inspire me to finish it.

Have a wonderful Monday. Make it a good one.

Friday, January 23, 2009

I woke up this morning feeling very happy. I wasn't unhappy but having been sick this whole week, I woke up "better". I'm still not feeling 100% and I probably should go to the doctor, but each day is "a better day". I'm not a doctor, but I have had bronchitis before and I am sure that this is what I have. But, I am responding to over the counter stuff. I hate taking (and paying) for prescriptions. Anyway, I'm getting off the topic here but I woke up determined to make it a good day. It's still cold but the sun is shining. This morning is supposed to be our last morning of cold and then we are warming back up. Supposed to be back in the 70's this wekend.
For the last several years I've been a red head. Yes it's out of a bottle. To be exact the color I use is called "Ginger Spice". I never really cared for my "mousy" brown looking color. But lately, the gray hairs are coming in way too fast. I also have very fast growing hair so it was starting to look obvious. So, this morning I colored my hair back to the brown it was in the hopes that the grays will not be so obvious. I love it! It's weird looking at myself in the mirror. No more "ginger spice". Change is good.
Tuesday, I start my personal training sessions. I've lost 10 pounds since the Fall on my own but I'm greedy and wantto lose more. I will train two mornings a week and the rest of the days, I am on my own. I'm not "obese" but definately over my ideal weight. I've had 4 children and have had two big moves. Stress is my biggest enemy right now. One of the biggest changes we've made is we've been eating healthier as a family. We try and have some kind of fish or salmon once a week. More salads. I love salmon and believe it or not, so do the kids. Especially grilled. YUM. Lots more fruit in the house. Mark is my fruit eater. The other day, Steve went to the store for me with Mark and I guess Mark saw a pear. I don't buy pears because no one will eat them. So, Steve got him one and he devoured it. Too cute. He loves bananas, apples, strawberries, and grapes. The other kids won't touch fruit. Funny how kids can all be of the same gene pool and have such different tastes. I've also stopped buying pop. We weren't big pop drinkers but if it was there, it was a temptation. I loved my diet coke. But now when I drink it, I don't finish it. Now the sweet tea is a different story. I still drink it but in moderation. I also still love the citrus flavored green tea, again in moderation. But, water is my best friend. I can drink it all day. Give me a lemon wedge and I am good to go. Change is good.

Happy Friday! Make it a good one. The weekend is almost here. Yippee.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm back............

Wow. These past few weeks have just blown on by. I had hoped that a new year would mean things would slow down, but nope. I'm still on that highway in the fast lane.

Remember how I said everyone got sick at Thanksgiving and again right before Christmas? Well, I did get it at Thanksgiving but was able to avoid it the second time. Well, I finally got it. And boy did I get it good. I probably should go to the doctor but I have been able to manage it with over the counter stuff. I'm not one to run to the doctor but I am going to hang in there for the moment. I have never coughed so much or so hard in my life. For awile there, I thought I was going to cough up my lungs. I was taking Nyquil but I stopped because I was having some weird dreams. Once I stopped taking it, the dreams stopped. So, I'm just drinking lots of hot green tea and popping Vitamin C.

How about them Florida Gators??? The champs!!!!! How exciting. I was so happy that Elizabeth got to enjoy that and be part of the school's history. She loves being a Florida Gator. She is studying Journalism. She has been writing stories since she was a little girl. So, it was only natural for her to go that path. She spent high school being on the school newspaper and was the editor her senior year along with another gal. She even interviewed Jenna Bush when she came to Tampa to promote her book (which is a phenominal by the way). You can only imagine her (and our) excitement when she got a call from The Alligator (UF's newspaper) to cover the pep rally after the Gators big win. It was so exciting to go online and see an article that she wrote. She came home over the weekend and gave me a copy of the paper. I am one proud mom!

With the new year also means it's time for the dreaded FCATs. Let me tell you how much I hate them. FCATS are Florida tests that are given to different grades. You have to pass them. I don't believe that one test can determine whether a student can pass onto the next grade. They are stressful not only to the students but to the parents. This year Mark will have to take his first FCAT (Reading). Greg is taking one (not sure which one but it will be his last) and Emily also has to take them. I can't wait for them to be over. I think they take them in March. But for the next few months, all they do is prepare for these tests. Enough said about this gets me all worked up. Sorry.

I've officially become addicted to my IPOD. I got it back last fall, put a few songs on it and went on my way. I got a few gift cards for Christmas and now I can't stop. I have it on all the time. I sit in car pool lane with it on (no commercials like the radio). My next investment is an adapter for my car. We all have one (except for Steve) and we all have them on. We look pretty silly all walking around the house with our ear plugs in. I love to clean with it on. I actually forget that cleaning is not my favorite thing to do but it sure helps pass the time.

Last year for Mark's birthday, he got a pogo stick. He tried it but never could get the hang of it so it sat in the garage. Two weekends ago, he got it out and tried it. At first, he couldn't do it and was getting frustrated. He kept at it for HOURS. Each time he jumped longer and he finally got it. Sunday morning he came in at 8:00 am and wanted to go out and "jump". He jumped for hours. OMG, all he does is jump on that thing. He has mastered jumping up the curb through the grass and down the street. He's a jumping maniac. We are all amazed. So, I highly recommend a pogo stick if you are looking for something that burns a lot of energy. I'm thinking about investing in another one (for grown ups), just so we can jump with him. His only goes up to 80 pounds. He is having a blast with it.

Winter has finally made it's way to Florida. They say there may even be a few stray snowflakes tonight. Brrr. When we first moved here from Utah, I hung onto our winter coats. After two years, I got rid of them. So, we don't even own winter coats anymore. Steve is in Kansas right now with just a jacket. oops. But, I won't complain too much because I know people up North are getting it much, much worse. Stay warm.

Well, it's that time of the day to pick up Mark. Believe me when I say it won't be quiet. I figured I will send him out to "jump" and wear him out for awhile.

Have a wonderful Inaugeration Day!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

What else is there to say today except:


Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Last night when I was listening to the news, I heard our local guy say that there were going to be some changes to their programming. Their 24/7 weather station wasn't doing what they were hoping to do so they were changing the format. They were going to show "Retro TV Shows". Well that caught my attention. So when I crawled into bed last night I turned on channel 460 and this is what I saw: Johnny Gage and Roy DeSoto. Anyone who grew up in the 70's remember these hunky men. I was so in love with Johnny Gage. This show was a staple in our house. My younger brother even had the Squad 51 hot wheel. I still even have my Emergency View Master slide. Laying there for that hour so took my back.

With the station just turning on yesterday, the man also said this show would be on too

Who was not in love with the Hardy Boys? I sent my first fan letter to Shaun Cassidy and even got an autographed picture back. The guide to the station isn't up yet so I don't know when it will be on. But, you can bet I will be watching it. It's fun to look back and remember all the good shows that used to be on. Today's TV shows just don't do it for me. There are only a few shows that I "don't miss". I love Monk, Psych and for laughs, Scrubs (which a new season starts tonight). I used to be a huge TV watcher but now, I just mostly lisen to my IPOD.

Speaking of Ipods, I am totally getting addicted to it. I got on back in October and had about 14 songs on it. Well Emily and Liz got new ones for Christmas and now I am totally addicted to Itunes. We all have to confer with one another before we download songs to make sure it's not already in the library. Now, I have to get the adapter for my car so I can listen to "MY" music without interruptions. I keep a list going of the songs I want to download. I love modern technology.

Today the kids went back to school. Ahh the silence.....I get to spend my day finishing the Xmas decorations and finding a place for all the new stuff but if you could only hear how quiet it is. (Although the last two weeks, everyone was still sleeping except for Mark). Only the sound of SpongeBob was heard. Elizabeth went back to Gainesville on Sunday and she starts classes today. She is very excited about her classes this semester. Now that she has the first semester of her Freshman year under her belt, she is so much more relaxed. Speaking of UF, how about them Gators? Playing in the championship game this Thursday? Go Gators.

Not much else to report. I have already missed two days of my 365 photos. I have two so far. But, I'm not quitting. I have spent the last few nights getting all my photos saved onto a CD and cleaning up my computer files. I have way too many pictures not backed up. If something were to happen to this computer, I would just lose it. So, I'm organizing and sorting and trying to figure out what pictures, I have printed off and saved. It feels good to see some actual progress.

As part of my 2009, I promised myself that I would be a healthier me. So, yesterday I started off the year with my annual well woman's check up. Scheduled my mammogram. Here's my PSA---get your mammogram. I feel very strongly about us women getting these. My BP was still up somewhat but they weren't too concerned. I had a spike in my cholesterol back in the Fall so I also scheduled my routine blood draw for next week. I'm determined to get off these meds. I even managed to lose a few pounds over Christmas. Go figure. The only problem I'm having now is that I'm having a very hard time falling asleep at night. I don't know what's up with that. I just lay there. It's not caffeine related because I don't drink a lot of it except my coffee in the morning. I'm hoping now that I'm back in a routine and not sleeping in will help. Otherwise, it will be back to the doctor for that.

Well, I guess I better get a move on. Before I know it, it will be time to start my routine again. I need to get a jump on Mt. Washmore before it erupts. Right now, it's "dormant". hehe. I've been able to keep up with it.

Have a wonderful Tuesday. Make it a good one. My word for the year is relax so don't forget to take a deep breath if you start getting stressed out today. :)

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Welcome 2009

Can't believe another year has come and gone. It seems like 2008 just flew by.

Highlights of 2008 for me were:

Got my Canon Rebel

Mark made his First Communion

Greg made his Confirmation

Elizabeth graduated high school
(those three all took place within two weeks of each other)

Elizabeth went off to college

Emily started high school

Patti & Krissy came down to celebrate Thanksgiving

Went to Disneyworld

Unfortunately for me, 2008 was not one of my favorite years. So much happened and it was just run, run, run. Especially in May. All the preparation for First Communion and Confirmation.............times have changed and now it's mandatory this, mandatory that. The kids attended Religious Education classes but they also had to attend more monthly meetings and had projects. This was all in addition to their schooling. It was tough. When Liz made her Confirmation several years ago, it wasn't this difficult. I don't know, it just seems like they forgot that these kids go to school and do other things. But, it's over. Done. But, in 2010, we get to go through it again--Emily will make her Confirmation the same time as Greg graduates!

For the first time ever, I didn't enjoy the holidays. At Thanksgiving, we all got the stomach flu. Then two weeks later everyone got "the actual flu". With Thanksgiving being so late, we lost that extra week in between. We went to Disney the weekend before Christmas and family also arrived. They were on vacation. I was not. So, we were expected to hang out with them. I wasn't on vacation. I still had shopping, baking and wrapping to do. I didn't even get all my Christmas stuff out. So, it was my family that didn't get done. Steve's car didn't get fixed as planned because of it all (he did finally get it done but paid way too much). I just didn't enjoy it. The phone was constantly ringing to go and do. It was just way too stressful.

So, I vow in 2009 to make it about me. I'm going to learn how to tell my kids "no". I spend way to much time doing for them. I didn't get hardly any scrapbooking done. We spent all that money to get that extra room made into a scrapbook area and I never can get in there. Someone was always in there watching TV or studying. So, I'm taking my room back. I want to learn how to use my camera that I got. If it means taking a photography class then that's what I am going to do. I am hoping to do some fun online scrapbook challenges. Ali Edwards has one going on where you choose a word to focus on for the year. I am hoping to do one of those Projects 365--you take a picture a day. I've never done one so I need to look into it but I think it would be fun to do. Anyone done one of these and can point me in the right direction?

I am also going to make this the year I get healthy. It's no secret that I've put on weight. As a result, I'm now on medication for high blood pressure and high cholesterol. My goal is to get off all of those by year's end. I've lost about 5 pounds this past month on my own but I'm very greedy and want to lose more. :)

I didn't mean to make this post such a downer but I am vowing to turn it around in 2009!

So, to everyone I wish a Happy 2009. Make it a happy one.