Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What a Finish

WOW. What a finale. I was rooting for both of these teams since week #1. I thought Kristi had a slight advantage but how could you not want her and Mark to win? They were a great couple. I loved Jason. What a dancer he became! He was a hottie! I have loved Edyta all through the seasons and I am glad they finally got her a partner that could take her to the end. In my book, it was a tie. Two fantastic dancers that deserved to be there in the final two. Tom B. commented they would be back in September. Woo Hoo. Love my Dancing show. Can't wait to see who is on next season. So, now my Monday and Tuesday evenings are free. I saw a few previews for some upcoming new reality shows that will be one soon and am looking forward to them. The Mole is one of them. I've watched Celebrity Mole in the past and it was a fun show so I will give that show a watch.
Have a great Wednesday. Make it a good one.

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