Friday, January 20, 2006

Wow. I can't believe I have gotton so far behind in my blog. I have been extremely busy since the kids went back to school. So much to tell.

First, I have spent a lot of time at the middle school selling PE uniforms to the 6th graders. That's my PTSA job and with a new semester starting, a lot of kids took PE. Of course, we have run out of uniforms twice so as soon as the order comes in, I will have to go back up. I don't mind doing it but it just stinks that out of 1500 kids in a school, parent volunteers are hard to come by.

I took a tour of the new middle school that was just built. I am really unhappy with Mark's school so I am looking at alternatives for him. I met the principal and she was so kind. I have a good feeling about this school and even though, I will have do drive him, it will be in his best interest. As for the middle school which I have been very involved with, the school board unanimously voted to rezone us from our neighborhood school to another school. It really stinks. Emily will be the only one affected. But, I know the new school will be good. I just feel so bad because I really enjoyed that school.

Since Lisa moved away, I have been pretty bored. I have really been sorting through stuff since I have no one to run around with. But, boy does it feel good to throw stuff out!

Tonight, we have nowhere to go! I love these kind of nights. We are going to order pizza and I am shutting myself in my scrapbook room and working. As soon as Steve walks through the door, I am officially off duty. Until next time................

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