Friday, February 03, 2006

I did it! I finally got a picture! Baby steps. This was the picture I sent out with our Christmas cards this year. It's rare that I can get all the kids in one picture AND have them all smiling. That was such a fun trip. We are talking about making it an annual "family trip". Even the kids enjoyed themselves. They are at the age when who knows what they like. It changes daily.

It has been an absolutely crazy week. Mark started off with the cold/flu. He missed 4 days of school. Elizabeth caught it as well and missed one day. She is too stressed out over her classes to have missed any more. I wish she would have stayed home more but she felt she just couldn't get too far behind. She got her ranking from the counselor the other day. Out of 543 kids in her sophmore class, she is ranked #8! We are so proud of her. She has done this all by herself.

Anyways, I ended up catching what they had. Today is day #7. It has really kicked my butt. I finally forced myself out of the house yesterday and went to JC Penny (I needed a new pair of denim shorts). I woke up today feeling better but not great and it has been raining, thundering and lightening. I was hoping to go to Lowe's and get some paint swatches so I can decide on my paint colors finally. Think I will stay home and putz around instead. I don't feel like going out in the pouring rain.

The boys are supposed to have Opening Ceremonies tonight for baseball but I just can't see that happening. All I see is muddy fields (and muddy shoes). It's too bad though because Outback Steakhouse donates the food and this is the leagues big fund raiser. But, at the same time, the thought of standing in the rain and mud doesn't appeal to me either.

Guess I better take advantage of this gloomy, rainy day and get some housework done. It'll be time for the kids to come home before you know. Until next time...............

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