Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Yeah. I have no idea what I am going to watch on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. I have been glued to Dancing with the Stars since the first show. I didn't miss it once. I even found myself voting. From the very beginning, I was rooting for Emmitt and Cheryl. They were so fun to watch. This season was awesome but I just couldn't help loving Emmitt. Mario was fun to watch, but I just didn't care for his partner. I still would have been happy if Mario would have won. What about Joey Lawrence? I remember watching him as a little boy on Gimme A Break with Nell Carter. Glad he grew up to be a decent adult and didn't fall under the "child star curse". They were all great. Even Jerry Springer! Who would have thought. Hmm. I cannot wait until next season to watch the new teams. The Dancing with the Stars tour is coming to Tampa. I would so love to go. Unfortunately, no one I know would have the slightest interest in going. I think Steve would laugh his butt off at me if I asked him to go. Wonder if I could play the "all I want for Christmas" card. hehe. The good news is that American Idol starts in January. All my reality shows are winding down. Only a few or Amazing Races left. Survivor lost me so that's okay.

Kids have been keeping me busy. Tomorrow night, Liz gets inducted into 4 different "clubs". National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, National Honor Spanish Society and Beta. She's a busy gal. Greg is still plugging away at baseball. Mark finished his baseball with a "season ending injury". Last week he fell off his bike and now is sporting six stitches in his knee. He was a real trooper. He asked the doctor "did I break my skeleton?" What a sense of humor that one has.

Looking forward to the Christmas season. Yes I said Christmas. It has and always will be Christmas. Speaking of Christmas, lots of fun movies coming out. I can't wait to see "Deck the Halls" and of course, "The Nativity Story". I usually don't go to movies because I hate the crowds but I definately will go and see those two. I have even begun my Christmas shopping. Every year, I say I am going to get an early start, and every year, I am out shopping the day before. It's harder when the kids are older. Not as much fun either. All they want is expensive things that I can't give them.

Well, off to finish my Thanksgiving grocery list. The weather is cooling down so we will turn on the pool heater. We started the tradition of swimming on Thanksgiving. Since we are on our own, we are trying to come up with some fun memories. I think swimming on Thanksgiving Day is a keeper.

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