Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I really should watch what I post. Remember my last post how I said nothing was happening in our house? Well, duh on me for saying that. I should have known it would blow up in my face.

First, my computer. We tried installing Turbo Tax on it and it would not load. We tried other things and the CD drive wouldn't read anything. No problem. Sounds like a need a new CD drive. I wake up Monday morning get the kids off and take the computer to the "computer store". I make yet another trip up the BBD. Guess what. The computer store is closed, gone, out of business. Out of desperation (because we are on some serious college application deadlines and I NEED that computer), I take it to Circuit City. I swore I would never use them again (a whole other post). They were so extremely nice. He said they could get to the computer ASAP because they had openings. Turns out, it wasn't the CD drive but some programming issues. By 1:00 I already had the computer back and hooked up. I do my usual car pool runs. I have a small window to install some software before I head back out. Guess what? The computer not's fixed. I called Circuit City and the guy tells me to bring it in. It's on my way so I drop it back off on the way to taking Greg to baseball. As I was getting back into my car to leave, my battery is dead. Car doesn't start. I call Steve and throw a "40 year old temper tantrum" and he leaves work to come rescue me. Luckily, Elizabeth is home so she packs up Mark and comes to get us. We drop Greg off. By the time Steve comes home (now in a mood) we go to "jump" the van. Don't need to. The darn thing started right up. So, I refuse to drive it at this point (another tantrum). We drop it off yesterday and sure enough the battery was bad and a few other things were going on. I must say, I really enjoy driving a new car (I confiscated Steve's). I really could get used to it. "Out of the question" I am informed by my hubby. Can't take on another car payment at this time. So, today is my last day to drive his nice car and tomorrow it's back to the mini van. My computer is also back and running. After all it DID need a new CD drive. At least they didn't charge me any additional labor.

Today I'm back off to the dentist. Two weeks ago, I got a crown put on a cracked tooth. It still hurts. I still can't chew on that side of my mouth. If I do, the pain shoots up into my jaw. I've been living on Aleve and I finally found time for me to go and get it looked at.

Man, I really didn't mean to rant on an on. Hopefully, the worst is behind me for awhile. Today is a beautiful sunny day and going to be in the low 80s. So, I'm out of here for awhile.

On a happy note, I spent Monday at home watching QVC. I got a few things and I can't wait to get them. I also snuck off yesterday to my local scrapbook store The Scrapbook Shoppe - Home I had to take Steve to work yesterday so since I was that close, I stopped by. I can't wait to actually use the stuff. Maybe tonight I will close myself in my room and work. I haven't even missed all the TV shows not being on due to the strike. I've gotton a lot done and the TV in our house is off more.

Well, off to finish getting ready to see the dentist. Keep your fingers crossed it's something simple. I have this nagging feeling he's going to tell me I need a root canal.

One more thing....................11 more days until the Daytona 500. Woo Hoo.


Cindi said...

Wow! I'm sorry you had such a trying day! I hope today is better! Glad to see you posting more! I've come back to blogland too after my almost two month absence!

Benita said...

Sorry to hear you've been going through so many problems....that really stinks! But I'm glad you got your computer fixed.

YAY NASCAR! I can't wait!!!

I may just have to take that drive down I-75 someday.....would love to do it now if I could....I need some warm weather!

BTW, I gave you an award on my blog :)

Liane said...

Yea computer fixed! LOL Post pics of your QVC stash, I bought nothing... stupid cable wasn't working properly Monday... and my DH swears it wasn't him!