Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Has it really been a week since my last post? This week is definately starting off better. Even Mark staying home from school yesterday sick didn't even bother me.

My car is all fixed and "running great". My friend Barb's hubby owns a shop and he took good care of us. If you ever have car trouble in Tampa, give Glen a call. RUNNING GREAT AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES OF TAMPA FLORIDA

My computer is back up and running as well. It was a bad CD drive. We got all our taxes done. Yeah.

I got my first of two orders from QVC yesterday. I can't wait until the "Build a Flowers" come. I got all my Heidi Swapp bling. Now if I would just take the time to actually sit down and scrapbook. I will post a picture of my new "goodies" when they all get here.

Today my day consists of running, running, running. I get to spend my afternoon on my favorite road--the dreaded BBD. One trip to the Elementary school for afternoon pick up, then on to the High School for a pick up, back home to drop off, up to Huntington and back to the High School for another pick up. Breath. Pick up from Huntington. Maybe get a quick bite of a dinner which I have no clue what it will be and then drop off to another High School and pick up after game. ACK. Keep in mind that tonight Idol is in Hollywood. It makes me really appreciate the small town that I grew up in where you walked everywhere. Rain or shine, cold or hot..........Speaking of where I grew up, they are getting hammered with snow and ice. They even closed the schools. It must be bad. They rarely closed the schools since we were a "walking district".

We are supposed to get some much needed rain. Maybe even some thunderstorms later tonight. I can live with the rain but not the thunder and lightening. If it rains, I can cross off baseball practice and a game. Less running. So, I have some errands to run this morning so I can stay home tomorrow. That being said, I really should get off the computer and get out of here.

Happy Tuesday................................

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Liane said...

OK, your life sounds a little too much like mine, to the school, back from the school, to another school, back, to the school..... and over and over again!

I am not so patiently waiting for the pictures