Thursday, February 28, 2008

For the next four days, I am going to get a "little taste" of what it will be like to only have 3 kids in the house. Elizabeth left for a journalism convention in South Carolina called SIPA. She is not only going on behalf of her school's newspaper - Home she also was Vice President and helped organize and plan it. So, hopefully the newspaper will do very well this year again. The only down side to her being gone is that her car is in the driveway. When I leave to take Mark to school, I just back out! Well, guess what I did this morning?? Yep. I "tapped" her car. I cannot even tell if I left those scratches or if they were left over from the last time I "tapped" it. So, because I felt so bad, off to the Autoparts store I went and got some good "buffing stuff" and "wax". Could I be any more dumb?

The weather here is finally cold! I'm even tempted to turn on my furnace but I am trying to save a few $. I just got an email that Greg's game was cancelled for tonight due to the wet field conditions from the other nights rain. I had absolutely NO plans to go sit in the cold and watch that game.

I finally got my Canon Rebel last week. I just haven't had a chance to play with it yet. So, hopefully I can get some shots next week at Greg's game when it warms up. His game last Saturday was in the rain so I dared not bring it out.

Anyone watching American Idol? This season is okay. There's a few I like but I haven't narrowed it down to just one favorite yet. How about Big Brother?? I watched the first show and that's it. It's horrible. I was flipping the other night between that and Idol and I had to just not watch anymore. It's just all fighting and bickering (and lots of boobs) this season. AND not meant for anyone over 25! Maybe someday they should have a "senior" Big Brother for us older "more mature" adults. hehe.

Well, time to tackle Mt. Washmore (as Jolene calls it). Pretty soon I'm going to need climbing gear to walk through that room. Why my kids can't put their laundry in their hampers instead of my floor I will never know.

Happy Thursday................................Make it a great one.

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Benita said...

If you ever figure out that answer (about kids & hampers) let me know, too, okay? Sorry to hear about the boo-boo on the car....what did you use to buff it out with?

Enjoy your 'cold' weather....I'd be more than happy to give you some of the cold we have! Our last gas bill for this past month was over $300! OUCH!