Saturday, March 01, 2008


I got to do something really fun today for a change. Usually my Saturday's are spent at the baseball fields.

My dear hubby decided to make an appointment at 8:00 to take Elizabeth's car to the dealership for some work. On a Saturday morning??? What was he thinking? It's the first Saturday that we didn't have a baseball game. So up and out I went.

Then Emily and I made the drive down to Westshore Blvd. to meet my friends daughter and her boyfriend for brunch. They flew in to Tampa to take a cruise. So I picked them up at their hotel and then we went to IHOP. It really made me homesick for my friend Patti. We've been very good friends for the last 18 years. Her girls were practically babies when we met--okay, 10 & 5 isn't babies but now that they are grown women it seems like they were just that when we met. Krissy asked if I minded taking them to the port. No problem. However, I have no idea how to even get there. The boyfriend (whom I totally liked) had a GPS system on his phone. So, no problem. Off we go. Oh man. It was so cool. That ship was huge. Just going down to the terminals got me all excited. I've never been on a cruise. I wanna go!!!! After I got home and we were in the car on the way to pick up the other car, I "hinted" how nice a cruise would be. See, we've NEVER taken a pleasure trip in the almost 21 years of marriage. House hunting doesn't count! It was way to stressful to be relaxing. Even before we had kids, we never had the finances because we were very fortunate to buy our first house within six months of getting married. Not bad for a 20 & 23 year old. I'm not complaining. I just really want to go away with my hubby. So, now I am going to work on getting hubby to go away. Unfortunately all our family is back in Ohio. That will be the tough part.

After leaving the Port of Tampa, Emily and I ventured back to Westshore Mall and did some shopping. It was very nice. I don't get to spend much "alone" time with her. It's always about Liz or Greg's baseball. So, we shopped. She got some much needed clothes and she had a blast being the center of attention. She actually even liked some of the clothes I picked out. I never thought I would see that day again. I never thought I would be buying her clothes at Victoria Secret. Yes, I got her some T-Shirts there. We even got a yummy cookie and soda. It was a fun day. It's interesting to "people watch" at the malls. WOW. Some of the outfits people wear.

Dinner tonight is pizza. Quick, easy and I don't have to do the dishes. After that, I am off to work on some scrapbooking and listen to my new Dierks Bently CD that I purchased yesterday. There is also a bottle of wine chilling in the fridge. I'll be lucky to make it until 10 pm. Well pizza's here as I type this.........................

Have a good evening.

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Liane said...

Oh I bet that was tough being in victoria's secret! LOL Glad you had a you day. I guess Saturday was the day this weekend for the ladies! Yea!