Thursday, March 20, 2008

Woke up this morning to the sound of rain. I just love the sound of the rain on the roof. It's so calming. I looked over at the digitial box on the tv and it said 6:28. WHAT?????? The house was pitch black. Our alarm didn't go off. We all over slept which is so not us. I get up and go wake Greg. He mumbled a few words as I was going to the next room to get Liz. As I open her door she is awake. I just happened to look at her clock and it says 5:28. What? I check the kitchen clock on the stove and microwave--5:29. I check my watch--5:29. I checked all the digital boxes and they were an hour ahead. Oops. So, I climb back into bed and attempt to go back to sleep but I just laid there listening to the rain. I should be mad at Verizon for having the messed up clocks, but it was just so nice to lay there in the dark and quiet listening to the rain. Wonder how many other people got up in a panic like me? Oh well.

I finally made it to the scrapbook store yesterday. I was supposed to go with my friend, Kate, on Tuesday but I woke up to a flat tire. It was my first flat tire ever. Hubby took little man to school for me so I could get ready. I think someone was looking over me because I usually take Mark to school in my pajama's. That could have been embarassing! So, I was able to air up the tire and drive to the tire store down the street. So, Kate and I rescheduled for yesterday. Kate doesn't live close so my other friend Barb picked me and we went to breakfast and shopping. Got a bargain on a new leather purse at Marshall's. But, yesterday I got lots of goodies at Ruban Rouge. It's the ultimate LSS, in my opinion. It's a good thing it's not real close to me otherwise I would be so broke.

Tomorrow I decided to let the kids stay home from school. This is the first year the school district cancelled "all Religious holidays". They even changed our spring break until April so it wouldn't be "associated" with Easter. So lots of teachers, bus drivers, cafeteria workers are taking the day off. Most of the students are staying home too. Even hubby is off. So, since it will be excused I am letting my kids stay home. I even heard on the news last night that they are cancelling bus service at schools and to "bring your own lunch". It's silly that our district is even going to school.

So today I'm off to Target to finish my last minute Easter baskets for the kids. We don't do a lot of candy since Mark can't eat it. It's not fair to give the older kids candy and not him. So, we do what candy he can eat and I gave them all each a DVD.

The rain has stopped. It was one of the rains that moved in and then moved on. Hopefully it washed a lot of the pollen out. We are miserable here with our allergies.

Have a wonderful Thursday.

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Sue said...

We got less than 1/2" of rain over here on my side of town! But it's something, and I'll take it

Verizon had my TV clocks all outta whack too! I thought I was losing my mind for a minute! At least I don't have kiddo's to get up and at 'em!

I NEED to go to RR soon. It's been way too long for me! Need a fix!