Friday, March 28, 2008

So, he didn't win Celebrity Apprentice. But he won me over. I love Trace Adkins. I have liked him since he first came into the Country Music scene. I have several of his songs as my cell phone tones. He, in my opinion, was the Celebrity Apprentice. Granted Piers raised more money but Trace was a real gentleman throughout. But most important of all, he played for a charity that is very close to my heart. The Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network ( Like Trace, we are parents of a child who suffers from severe food allergies. Thanks to Trace, he got that charity "out there". I hope that someday Mark can live an "allergy free" diet. Hopefully, parents will understand the dangers of certain foods in classrooms. I've heard through the years how parents complain because certain candy and food are not allowed in the classroom. I'm not expecting food bans but I want people to understand that this was not our choice. It can be deadly! There is not a day that goes by that I don't worry if he will come in contact with a peanut or tree nut and I will get the dreaded phone call from the school nurse. Education is so important. As for Piers, he played for a wonderful and deserving charity as well so I'm happy for him. It was just the way he played the game. That's all I am going to say but to me Trace was the big winner!


Benita said...

Yep, I completely agree! Trace should have won the Celebrity Apprentice! Bad Trump! I didn't know who Trace was until the Apprentice as I don't like country music, but hearing him sing last night changed me, even if just a little bit :) He has an amazing voice & truly is a gentleman. Piers, OTOH, well.....there's no good words to describe him, lol.

I had no idea that your son has food allergies. Glad to know that there is a charity out there to help with them!

Hope you have a great weekend :)

Benita said...

Just wanted to let you know that I gave you something on my blog :)

Liane said...

I agree, I agree, I agree! Piers was such a jerk! If you have to be like that to win, I would rather be Trace too. I enjoyed watching him. He ROCKS!