Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Feeling Creative

I've been trying to get my creativity and scrapbooking mojo back. The other night, I shut myself into my scrapbook room and put these little composition notebooks together. They are the little mini notebooks. I made one for my niece, Avery, who is seven and for my niece, Lyric, who is 10. I'm trying to use up "my stash" of stuff. The sassy notebook I just put together and will probably give it to one of my girls to give as a Xmas gift. My favorite colors together are hot pink and orange. So, I really had a blast creating these. The circles and rub ons are Heidi Swapp. I love her "bling". I went back to Wally world today and of course I can't find the mini composition notebooks. I also checked Walgreens and Target. No luck. So I have a few big composition notebooks I can alter too. I finally broke out my crop-o-dile and used it to set the eyelets. I bought the girls lipgloss too and will put them in a caboodle box that I got from Target. To finish it off, I will put in a glitter, gel pen. I'm so pleased with how they turned out.

It finally cooled down here in the Sunshine state. I finally got to turn off the A/C. I'm kind of jealous of all the snow that the north and midwest got. I really miss a good snowstorm--that's only if I don't have to shovel it or drive in it, of course.

Christmas decorations and shopping are coming along. We still don't have the outside lights out. I gave hubby until this weekend to put them up or don't bother. By the time he gets home at night it's dark and he worked last Saturday and then on Sunday he took the girls to the Nutcracker. This upcoming weekend is our only weekend off. The following weekend we go see the Rockettes---love them. I highly recommend the show. We saw them several years ago. They are awesome.

Well, time to start rounding the kids up. Only two more to have to pick up then I can "jamify" and go back to "being creative".


Cindi said...

You are inspiring me to start back up again! Good work!

Liane said...

Beautiful work!

:: gingerkitty :: said...

Where are you in Florida I am here in South Florida? Another scrap fan

Anonymous said...

I didn't get one for Christmas from you. They are to cute.