Monday, January 28, 2008

Is it Monday already? Where did the weekend go. Mostly spent the weekend at home. Saturday was kind of a dreary day. Sunday was perfect.

Mark came home from school on Friday and was "Star Student". Woo Hoo. He was so excited. He had a great week at school last week. Hopefully the trend continues. We celebrated by all of us going to lunch on Saturday to Steak and Shake. It's very rare that the kids are all home at the same time. I can't tell you the last time we went out as a family. We figured going out to lunch would be better than trying to go out on a Saturday night. There aren't many restaurants to choose from so you can wait forever to get a table. So we chose Steak and Shake. That way everyone would be happy.

We finally got a date nailed down for Mark's First Communion. Yeah. So, Mark will make his First Communion on Sunday, May 4, Greg will get Confirmed on May 8th and Elizabeth graduates May 28th. Busy May ahead. It's just going to be hard to celebrate all these special events with our families since they all live so far away. How do they choose which one to attend? I dunno. I guess I will leave it all up to them.

We are anxiously couting down to February 15th. That is the day the University of Florida announces who gets in. Please keep your fingers (and toes) crossed that Liz gets accepted. I think she will be so devastated if she doesn't get in to her first choice.

Well, I better get a move on. Mt. Washmore needs to be tackled and before I know it, it will be time to head out for my afternoon runs. All I have tonight is to pick up Mark and Greg from school, come home, turn around and take Greg back to school for baseball and then get Emily to and from Church for her CCD class. By 7:30 my running should be over and then I can just wait for the call from Greg to pick him up. Unfortunately, he has no set time when practice is over. They are done when the coaches are.

Have a great Monday. Make it a good one......................


Jolene George said...

I've never heard of steak and shake...but with a name like that you can't go wrong. Sounds yummy! Very fun that Mark was star student. I love his bike riding pictures. That is always a big accomplisment.
I hope Elizabeth gets into her first choice school!

Anonymous said...

I for one will be at Liz's graduation party. If I could take off work the whole month of May I would attend all of your celebrations. Maybe I'll win the lottery and won't have to work anymore.

Anonymous said...