Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy Birthday, Emily!
So, I caved! I broke down and got her a cell phone for her birthday. The others had to wait until they got into high school. Well, she's only 6 weeks away. AT&T had a "add on promotion" that I couldn't pass up. She was so excited. Now it's not a fancy phone like some others, but she was thrilled. I am still taking it in that she is 14. Where has the time gone?
We are down to just tournament play in baseball. I am so excited that this season is almost over. As much as I love baseball, I HATE the politics that go along with it. I refuse to play that game. It's so obvious who is in the "coaches pocket". It's sad. But I know it's everywhere.
Elizabeth is so excited that next Saturday is grad night at WDW. I wish we had that opportunity when I was in High School in Ohio. Basically, they go to Disney from 10 pm -4 am. What I find cool is that Disney has a STRICT dress code. Very strict.
Mark finally made his First Reconcilliation. Only 2 weeks to go until First Communion. It's been a long process but he is almost done. Greg is down to 2 1/2 weeks until Confirmation. WOW. It has bene an extremely busy year for us.
Is anyone else watching Desperate Housewives? I'm glad they are finally addressing the whole Orsen running over Mike. That storyline has been really bugging me that they never addressed it. I am so not liking the direction they are taking with Lynette's husband. I really like him and I don't want him to be a "a bad guy".
Today, I am hoping to stay close to home and get the house in order. I let it get out of hand again. I spent most of the weekend working on laundry. Boy, do we have a lot of it.
Have a wonderful Monday and a great rest of the week.


Benita said...

Happy Birthday to Emily! Hope she has a wonderful one!

Liane said...

Happy Birthday Emily! A cell phone is an awesome gift. Good mommy! =-)