Monday, February 02, 2009

I just don't get it..............................We got notice last week that State Farm is pulling out of Florida when it comes to Homeowner's Policies. We got our official letter on Friday that we will be losing our homeowner's insurance within the next two years. However they WILL continue to service our Auto insurance. We've been with State Farm forever and were quite happy. We've been good, loyal customers and have never had a claim on either the homeowner's or auto. So, now it's time to begin the hunt for new insurance. We will also be taking our auto insurance with it. Their reasoning is that they can no longer afford to stay in Florida. Okay, fine. Times are tough. I understand. So, imagine my suprise last night when I saw a State Farm insurance ad during the Superbowl. What? They can spend millions on a TV ad?? Just my .02.

Happy Monday!


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Good point! One of my other friends was just telling me she was losing her HOI too! Crazy!

Sue said...

GREAT rant, Kim!

We have Citizens, which is what I figure most of the now dropped State Farm people will end up with. Where is our illustrious Gov, who was going to take care of all the companies pulling the homeowners policies out of FL?! Wasn't that one of the platforms that got him elected?