Tuesday, August 04, 2009

School starts three weeks from today. I have mixed emotions. I will have a quiet house to myself but at the same time, I've enjoyed sleeping in somewhat. Plus, legion ball just ended on Sunday so my summer of run, run, run, just ended and I have somewhat of a break. Liz goes back to Gainesville this Sunday. Again, I have mixed emotions. It's been nice having her home but at the same time, it's been an adjustment. She had spent the last 9 months living on her home and doing her own thing. We clashed but we also had fun. We will miss her when she's gone. She's wrapping up her job at Adventure Island. Boy did she get tan working out in the sun. She doesn't look like the rest of us anymore. lol.

As we get closer to school, I'm starting to stress out about Mark. I dread the learning struggles. In my quest to find out why he struggles, I decided to take him to get his first "real" eye exam. He's always passed his check ups at the pediatrician and school tests. But, I figured what did I have to lose (except the money to cover the cost of the visit). It was the best thing I could do. He is not only far sited but near sited. Today he is sporting a new pair of eye glasses. He is so excited. So, here's the before:

and here's the after:

I hope this can help him and can help solve the the learning difficulties. I hope 4th grade is the year that things turn around. Plus, we start school off with the IEP which is now in place. There is nothing worse than seeing one of your kids struggle. I hope this helps ease the frustration and stress. I guess time will tell.

I'm still continuing my workouts. I feel so good after doing them. Even if the weight doesn't fall off overnight, I still good that I am taking the time to focus on myself. When the temps cool down, I plan on trying to run. I used to run track in high school but that was many, many years ago. I at least owe to myself to try.

Well, time to log off this computer and get something accomplished. I've decided to tackle my scrapbook room and reorganize and move some stuff around. It's nice that I can start something now and not have to stop and go pick up a kid or something.

Have a great Tuesday!


Ryzmomplus2 said...

Oh I so get what you mean about those mixed emotions, I get the same. This summer has been a blast for us (with a few times of clashing). Wow does he look grown up with those glasses! I hope 4th grade is good to him. and I so agree about the workouts! I really do feel good when I'm done and that's the most important part!

Lisa Ellam said...

I just LOVE that photo of Mark. He looks so handsome in his glasses!