Friday, May 07, 2010

Still Here........

We are winding down the school year here in our house and that means busy, busy, busy.

Liz finished at UF and was home a whole week and she moved back to Gainesville. She's doing an internship with a newspaper up there so she sub let an apartment from one of her sorority sisters for the summer. It's kind of weird knowing that she is living somewhere other than home or in her dorm room. She's also doing some stuff on "The Alligator" which is the campus newspaper. We are so proud of her.

One month from today, Greg will graduate high school. We've been trying to get all the "last minute" stuff done and get all the registration done for USF. GO BULLS! He is still working at Smoothie King. Next weekend is Prom and I am looking forward to seeing him dressed in a tux. Can't believe how fast the time has gone by. Need to get his announcements mailed out and plan for his party. I am hoping to spend Mothers Day doing that. If anyone has any fun party favor ideas for a guy, let me know. (that's a hint for Tina.....she's awesome at that stuff). I have lots of ideas for a girl, but Greg doesn't even want a party.

Emily is "getting it". She was hanging around with some "not so nice" girls and that has finally come to an end. She has met some new friends and her grades are on the way up and also her attitude is so much better. I am proud that she got herself out of the situation. A part of me just wants to blow the whistle on those girls but I know it's none of my business and they aren't my kids.

Well, we have our meeting with another school on Tuesday morning. We are definitely pulling Mark out of his current school and putting him in our neighborhood school. We are also planning on having him repeat 4th grade. I am an emotional mess and start crying just thinking about it but I know it's best for him. Luckily he has a summer birthday so it won't affect him too much. He will go from being one of the youngest to being the oldest. We haven't told him yet and don't plan on telling him until after school is out. Hopefully after Tuesday's meeting, I can get over this and start getting rid of the guilt and stress. Pray for me....I will need all the prayers I can get to get through this meeting without falling apart.

I've been scrapbooking again! I need to put up some pictures. I'm so proud that I have been going to crops again. Unfortunately, it's with some teachers and parents at Mark's current school.....I hope I still get to go when he no longer goes there. But we shall see.

Still plugging along with my Avon business. Making a few dollars. Right now there is a deal if you spend $5 online you can get free shipping. So, check out my online store. I am loving ordering all their jewelry. I used to wear jewelry all the time but since I became a stay at home mom, I just never wore it much. So much cute stuff out there.

That's about it in my life. Looking forward to what will hopefully be a stress free summer. Have a great weekend and to all my friends, have a wonderful Mother's Day!

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