Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Here I am! Yes, I am still alive and well. Just took a little break from blogging because it seemed like I always had the same thing to say. So, now having taken a break, I have some new stuff to share.

All is well here in our house. I got the kids all settled back in school. Elizabeth is a senior, yes a SENIOR, in college. I still can't believe how fast the time went by. She is Editor-in-Chief right now at the Independent Florida Alligator (the University of Florida's newspaper). So, she is busy, busy, busy. She's still involved in her sorority as well. This year she chose to live off campus in an apartment with three other gals. Her apartment is so cute and I love her new roommates. This is going to be her best year yet!

Greg is loving college. He's still at the USF. He now is also working as a personal trainer. He's doing what he loves. He's even talking about going for his Master's. Right now he's trying to figure out how to get one of his certifications as a trainer in addition to a full course load. But, I know that he will figure it out.

Emily is a senior in high school. Can you believe it??? I can't. Her school year started off to a not so great start. If you followed the national news about a kid who wanted to shoot up a school and it be "bigger than Columbine", that was her school I was so sad for her that that is how her final year of high school will be remembered. On our back to school night right before school started, we were walking around the school with lots of cops on the campus. On their first day, it was full of media and even the helicopter was circling. They had bomb sniffing dogs do a sweep of the school that morning. When I first read the article, I thought maybe the kid was all talk and just wanting attention. I almost felt sorry for him. But they released more information last week and he was serious. He will be tried as an adult and I hope they throw the book at him. I can't say enough about how the school handled the situation. The first day went off with no problem and then we got another phone call. Apparently a teacher (who wasn't working at the school anymore) was arrested for having "an inappropriate relationship" with a student. So, the media and their camera's were back. The situation happened the previous year but for some reason, they like to make an example of our school. We are finally in a routine now and hopefully we will finish the school year without any further incidents.

Mark is in the 5th grade. He pointed out to me several weeks ago that I have "three seniors". A senior in college, high school and elementary school. haha. So far he is doing great. Moving him last year to a new school and repeating the 4th grade was just what was needed. He also is on some medication now to help him "focus". I'm so proud of how hard he is trying. After the first of the year, we will be searching a middle school for him. We are definitely not sticking with the Florida Public School system for him. He is going a different route. So, I have my work cut out for me.

I'm still selling my Avon. Not making a whole lot of money but I am not losing money either. So, that's good. If you ever need any Avon, please visit my website. They have some great deals and they sell so much other stuff besides make up. www.youravon.com/kbehrman

I finally got back into my scrapbook routine. I'll be heading back up to Indiana in February for the girls weekend again. I was so excited I was asked back. That was such a great time. If anyone is in Indiana and is looking for a fun weekend away, you definitely need to check out Michelle's Memory Loft in LaPorte.

Well, that's a quick update of things going on. I'll have more to share tomorrow or the next day.

Have a wonderful Tuesday.

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