Sunday, March 25, 2007

Wow. Its hard to believe that over a month has gone by since I blogged. So much has been happening here. So much to catch up on.

First of all (and most important), Mark is really doing well. We enrolled him in Huntington Learning Center. Wow a difference that has made. Getting one on one tutoring has really been what he has needed. It's just a shame that the school would not help us. However, putting him at Huntington, was the best. He passed his first math quiz of the year! Not only did he pass, he got a 100! We celebrated by going out to dinner. Even his school teacher gave him a "Star student certificate". I give all the credit to his wonderful teachers at Huntington for this. They have really worked with him and he now has the confidence that he can do it.

Elizabeth went on a trip to the University of South Carolina with her high school newspaper. RevolutionNewspaper - Home They won first in state and several othe awards. Woo hoo. She really likes that college and it's on the top of her list along with The University of Florida and Northwestern. She has been busy taking SAT's and her ACT is coming up as well. Where has the time gone? My baby will be a senior in high school!

Greg has been busy playing baseball. I really don't have much to update about him. He's just an easy going "freshman' going to school and playing baseball. He will be 15 in less than a month. We have been getting information in the mail about getting his driver's permit. YIKES.

Emily has been busy practicing for her school play. The school just opened this year and they have a drama department (her old school did not). So, after weeks and weeks of practice, the show is this upcoming weekend. I for one am excited. It has been really hard getting her picked up on time after practice. I spend from 3:30 until after 6 pm driving/picking up kids.
As for me, I have finally gotton back into my scrapbooking. I am also going to take a class in Geneology with a friend starting in May at her Church. I am excited about that. I have always wanted to do it but never had the time. I lived in Salt Lake for 6 years and am kicking myself because they have that wonderful Geneology Library downtown and I never took advantage of it. So, I am hoping that maybe I can make a trip back there someday.
My friend Susan flew down from Cincy last week to celebrate her 40th birthday. She brough along her 2 sisters and a friend. For four crazy days, this house had 10 people sharing 2 bathrooms. 7 girls to the 3 boys! We had a lot of fun. We turned on the pool heater and they sat around the pool. The weather wasn't too warm but it was a break for them. We celebrated her birthday by going to Ybor City. The picture at the top is of us at one of the many stops we made. My neighbor also went with us. Her sister, Terri, took the picture. I am not used to staying up late anymore (I guess I am boring). I was the designate driver so I just drank water all night. It was fun. The next day we went to Tarpon Springs. It's a great place to visit if you ever come to Central Florida. It's where they dive for sponges. It's a Greek village so the food is awesome. I like going just for the pastries!
Two weeks ago, Steve and I took the boys a Reds Spring Training game down is Sarasota. I had so much fun. I really miss watching the Reds play. I think it's cool that they have their spring training so close. We had front row seats by third base. They even gave Mark a game ball. Totally cool. Go REDS! Can't wait until opening day. That was on a Friday. On Sunday, I took the girls to see Wicked. Elizabeth and I saw it last year. This was Emily's first time to see it. It was great. The music is so awesome. Hopefully it will come back next year again. YOu can bet, I will be there. While we were at Wicked, Steve took the boys back down to see another Reds game.

That's about all that's been going on. The kids go back to school tomorrow after being on Spring Break. We really had a lazy week -- caught up on some much needed sleep. We were all exhausted.

Hopefully I won't stay away from my blog too long. I still can't figure it out but someday, I will. Until next time....................

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