Thursday, April 19, 2007

Happy 13th Birthday, Em!!!!

It's official! I now have 3 teenagers! 13 years ago today, Emily joined our family. It has gone by so very quickly. She will probably be so embarassed if she knew that I put her "then" and "now" pictures on my blog. She was the cutest little baby and boy was she a little "stinker". She still is. She is so outgoing. Our day started off with our car pool all going out to McDonald's for breakfast. We sang her happy birthday and put a candle in her Sausage McMuffin. She had to wear her birtday badge and crown. When we finished singing there was a guy and his son eating breakfast and the dad told us it was his son's birthday too. So, we whipped out a candle and sang him Happy Birthday. He was the same age but went to a different middle school. I don't know who was more embarassed. The girls or the boy! At least they don't have to see other and be embarassed. It was fun. I am sure all the people in Mickey D's thought we were nuts. When we dropped them off in the front of school, we cranked the "It's your birthday" rap song. They were begging us to turn it down. We waited until the very last minute and turned it down. I am going to cherish these moments forever.
So what does a 13 year old want for her birthday? Let's see, a cell phone and a digital camera. The cell phone was out of the question so I went and got her digitial camera. At first I was hesitant, but she does enjoy taking pictures and she has inherited my love for scrapbooking--unlike her sister who wants nothing to do with it. Grandma sent her some money so I figured I would use that and put in the rest for the camera. I got her a Vera Bradly purse (that's what all the girl's have). I also got her the traditional "birthday oufit". I don't usually pick out their clothes but I get to pick one outfit a year--the birthday outfit. She is having her birthday party on Sunday here at the house. She is having a pool party and the weather is supposed to cooperate. I don't know if I can handle 13 13-year olds in the house. The theme is an Aloha theme and we have some really cool decorations and goodies for her friends. I go all out on the 13th birthday because "it's special".
Greg's birthday is on Monday. 15!!!!! YIKES. Unlike Emily, he doesn't care if he as a party. He just wants to take a couple of friends to the Devil Rays Game. No problem. Steve loves to do that kind of stuff so he will handle that one.
I am devastated like everyone else over the Virginia Tech shooting. We are scoping out colleges now for Elizabeth and it sure doesn't get me very excited for her when this kind of stuff happens. It makes me so sad that there is so much hate in the world.
We are down to the home stretch for the end of school. My kids get out on May 24. My summer is already very busy. Mark will continue at Huntington Learning Center 4 days a week and Elizabeth will be volunteering at the hospital in the Women's Center. Greg will continue to play baseball. I can't imagine that in a couple of years, my life will not be so busy because they will be off to college (hopefully).
I've been slowly getting back into scrapbooking. I have so many pictures to get printed off. So many YEARS to catch up on. Just wish I could find someone who loves to scrap as much as I do. I used to have a scrapping buddy but she moved away--yes, Lisa, I am talking about you! Hope you are having fun scrapping away up in the cold and snow! hehe. It's a beautiful 80 degree day here.
Well, better get a move on and wrap Em's presents and finish her cake. I was shocked when she said she wanted me to bake her a cake. No problem. I love doing that kind of stuff.
Have a wonderful Thursday!

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