Saturday, April 21, 2007

Just a quick blog entry today. I am busy cleaning the house for tomorrow's big birthday party for Emily. All but one girl can come so I will have a dozen 13 year old girls running around. The weather is supposed to be nice so the plan is to keep them outside in the pool. We turned the pool heater on so it should be a nice day to swim.
As I mentioned in my previous entry, I picked out Emily a birthday outfit. Well, it was a hit. She couldn't wait to wear it to school yesterday (she did have to put on a jacket to cover the spagetti straps whic are no no in the dress code). She still looked cute. She went through a phase where she wouldn't wear shorts. Um, have you ever heard of somebody NOT wearing shorts in Florida???? Well that was my girl. She has always been such a tom boy and wanting to only wear jeans and T shirts. She finally loves all the "girly" stuff. I even got her a matching head band, earrings and a necklace. I am just no so sure I am ready for not one but two teenage girls!!!!
Have a great Saturday!

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Cindi said...

Happy Birthday Emily! She is such a beautiful girl! Have fun at the party tomorrow!