Tuesday, May 01, 2007

It has been a CRAZY week. I am finally finding a few extra minutes to update my blog.

Last week was Greg's 15th birthday! I would post a picture but I don't have my pictures uploaded from my camera. The kids have taken over the computer with all their homework and projects. Why do teachers pile on the work the last few weeks of school. My kids didn't work this hard throughout the whole school year and now they are all needing MY computer. Only 3.5 weeks of school left.

I am so excited though to report that I am getting a real scrapbook room! When we moved from Utah to here, we lost a guest room, bathroom and my scrapbook room. So, I have 2 rooms of stuff crammed into one. Well, it's just not functional. We also need a space where Mark can go into silence and get his work done (it's all part of the auditory processing). So I told Steve that I would give up my scrapbook desk (just a computer desk) and set up the banquet table for my to work. We would have to get rid of the sofa bed though so if we had guests, I don't know where they would sleep. He surprised me by calling a closet company and they are going to build an "L" shaped workspace and hang cabinets for all my stuff. Also, a bookcase for all my albums. Mark would get one side and I would get the other. We are also going to set up the old computer so I will be able to use that instead of having to wait on the kids to get off MY computer. Yippee. Now I just have to pick a new color. Something fun and soothing. I'll let you know what color I choose when I figure it out.

Our A/C went out on Friday night. It was a long and miserable weekend. We finally got it fixed yesterday afternoon. Funny thing is I grew up in Ohio without A/C so one would think I could handle it. NOPE. I was hot and whined the whole entire weekend. The kids swam in the pool to keep cool. The water temp was a little to cool for me to get in (it was 81, I get in when it hits 84). So, I just soaked my feet.

Elizabeth has been very busy getting all her ACT's and SAT's done. She is still interested in journalism and has her colleges down to 3--Northwestern, University of South Carolina and University of Florida. I would love for her to go out of state, but unless they offer her some serious Scholarship $, she will probably end up at University of Florida--GO GATORS!!! She got to write the front page story for her newspaper last month. It was cool. The school made it on CNN headline news last month because the principal locked some of the bathrooms to curtail the vandalism. Someone went to the medial and said ALL the bathrooms were locked--not true. It's just sad that kids feel the need to destroy a beautiful school--it's only 5 years old. Here's link to her story.

RevolutionNewspaper - Home

Not much else going on. Today I have to get caught up on the mountain of laundry I DIDN'T do because it was too hot without the A/C. So, my day is laundry, laundry, and more laundry. I have to run to Home Depot and Lowes to get some lighting fixtures that we are changing out. I am also replacing the icky ceiling fan on the lanai and putting one in that looks like bamboo.

Have a great Tuesday!

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