Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What's missing in this picture? Can you say water? Our pool is still not finished. We are on day #3 of our Summer break and no pool. As our luck always goes, we are told a deadline and it always takes longer. Always problems when it comes to our projects. The tile is new and I really like it. As I type this, they are putting in the new "bottom/lining". Hopefully tomorrow or Friday we can start adding water and be swimming soon. It's already pushing 90 degrees here. Still no sign of rain. WE NEED RAIN. Friday officially kicks off Hurricane Season. I need to sit down and make my list of everything I need to purchase so we are ready "just in case". Basically, I just need to make sure I have lots of batteries for the flashlights and lots of bottled water. I also stock up on canned goods such as tuna, ravioli and spagetti O's. That kind of stuff. If we lose power, we have a burner on our grill that we can use. We also keep an extra full tank for the grill. Hopefully, this season will be as mild as last one.
My scrapbook room/study room is done. I am still moving everything back into it. It's all in my living room right now and I feel the need to go through everything before I put it away. I am really pitching a lot of stuff out. What a good feeling that is. We tackled all the kids books from when they were little and donated a bunch of them.
We spent last Friday and Saturday over at the Magic Kingdom. This is why I love living in Florida. We put it together at the last minute (we had to use up our last 2 days of passes). It only takes us about 1 hour and 15 minutes to get to the hotel. Then we hop on the bus and hit the park. It was a blast. Unfortunately, it's love bug season so there were a lot of them flying around. It was interesting to watch the people who aren't used to them freak out over them. They don't hurt or bite you. Some people were really freaking out. I felt sorry for some of them though because they were really afraid of them.
Not much else going on in our house. Legion ball started already and Greg has his first baseball game tonight. What really stinks though is that they play teams all over the city of Tampa and with gas so high, it's going to cost me a fortune to fill up my gas tank. I just keep hoping that the price of gas comes down soon. It definately affected our decision to travel home this summer. So maybe next summer.

Well, need to go tackle my mountain of laundry. With all the work we have been getting done on the house, I have neglected it. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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