Friday, May 04, 2007

Just a quick entry this morning. ............

We got our A/C back up and running. It's so nice to be cool again, especially since we are in the mid to upper 80's. They say there is a chance for some rain and thunderstorms today. Bring it on!! We need rain so badly.

Today, my day consists of running around. The electrician is supposed to come tomorrow and replace 2 ceiling fans, the kitchen light (the light over the kitchen table) and install can lighting in the kitchen as well. I still have to go and pick up one of the fans. Our Home Depot and Lowes are right down the street from each other so I was running back and forth comparing prices and styles. So, I already picked up the lights from Lowes and now I have to go back Home Depot. I also have a meeting with a mom to go over our class gift to the teacher for teacher appreciation week. Well, we also have to plan our end of year gift as well. I hate asking parents for money so we have decided to do something more crafty and inexpensive for Teacher Apprecation and do a bigger end of year gift in 2.5 weeks. I also have to read to Mark's class. Busy day.............

Is anyone else as happy as me that school is almost over? My kids are DONE. They are on such burnout. They are hard to get up in the morning and out the door. I know I am burned out.

Emily has two choir concert coming up. Sunday afternoon they are singing for the entire school board. This is the first year that the school was opened so they are doing a "dedication" finally. Then on Tuesday, they have their Spring concert. I will be so glad choir will be over as well.

Well, off to run all my errands. Wish I had more to blog about but it's been kind of boring in our house lately. Have a great Friday!

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