Friday, May 18, 2007

I did it! I finally got a picture of my kiddos together. AND, they are all smiling. Now that's rare. So, I cherish this picture. I don't know when I will get another one. My goal this summer is to get a family picture. The last time we did a family picture was when Mark was 6 months old.
Not much to blog about. It's the same old crazy stuff going on. This past week has been AP exams for Greg and Elizabeth. Next week are finals. Next Thursday is their last day of school! YIKES. Whatever will I do with them all home this summer. I am so thrilled to finally be able to sleep in but at the same time, what am I going to do with them all and their friends all summer.
We head off to Disneyworld one week from today. I love Disney. We have to use our last days of passes before the end of June so we thought we would head out before all the tourists come down and it gets too miserably hot. Elizabeth is taking her friend so I won't have to listen to her "whine". She's at such a fun age. It's so 'uncool' to be seen with her family. So, they can go off on their own and have fun. They both have worked so hard this school year with all their classes and stuff, they deserve it.
We are anxiously awaiting for the pool people to call and get started on our pool. It has to be drained and resurfaced and retiled. Pretty sad that we have to do it already. The house is only 7 years old. So, I picked some really cool mulit colored blue tiles and some dolphin tiles. I am really going with a "beachy" theme on the lanai. We had the ceiling fan replaced last week and the one I put up has blades that look like palm leaves. I got some really cool candles to go with the theme. Now if it can just get done before it gets too hot to sit out and relax. Once the heat rolls in, it's just too hot and humid to just sit. They say it will take about a week to do. I really thought we would have it done before school let out.
Well, told you it's been kind of boring here. Today, I am off to Home Depot to get paint to paint my soon to be office/scraproom. That room is scheduled to be done on May 29th. I finally settled on a tropical theme (pinks, oranges & blues). The walls will be blue. I can't wait to cross that room off my "to do" list. My goal is to make the room "fun" so I can get motivated to get some of my scrapbooks up to date and since it will serve as Mark's workspace too, he will have a fun place to go and study. I will post pictures of before and after. So, my guest room is no more. My guest room will officially be the Wingate Inn or Holiday Inn down the road. :)
Have a wonderful Friday! Off to conquer that long "to do" list that's sitting on my kitchen counter!

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