Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Taking a trip down memory lane

Jennifer Stewart posted on her blog a fun You Tube video from a wedding reception. It got me all nostalgic looking back at my own wedding and reception. So, just for fun, let's reminisce. How long have you been married? What song did you dance to? What were your wedding colors? Anything memorable from your reception? I have been married for 19 years (20 on October 3). My wedding colors were mauve and grey. I wore an Ivory dress (I couldn't find one I liked in white) and Steve wore a gray tux. We danced to a song called "Nothing's Going to Change My Love For You" by one-hit wonder Glen Maderios. The wedding party danced to songs from Top Gun (who didn't love that movie). I am a more soft-rocker/country gal and Steve is Rock and Roll. We had a DJ and the music was all over the place. I remember everyone dancing to "Walk Like an Egyptian" and laying on the floor to "Shout" (from Animal House). One of my favorite memorable songs from when I was really little was by Donna Fargo called "I'm the Happiest Girl". So, I had the DJ play that song. Steve got teased and so much crap from his buddies. He asked me "what the "heck" is that song. I really think I embarassed him. However, he had fun playing the "air guitar" with his groomsmen. I have all this in pictures! And to everyone who said "it won't last" or "we were too young". Haha (I was 19 and he was 22). So, four kids and 20 years later, we are still going strong. We have our ups and downs but I look forward to the next 20+ years! What a trip down memory lane. Thanks for posting that video, Jennifer.

Tomorrow marks the 20 days until school starts countdown. I am so excited to have the kids going back to school. If they hadn't changed the school year calendar, they would have been going back next week! Thanks Florida. I really enjoyed going early (it's too hot to do anything anyway) and I liked getting out earlier than other states. They also took away our long Christmas break--oh wait. I should be PC and say "Winter Break". So instead of getting out mid December, we get out on December 22. Oh well. We are slowly getting all the much needed school supplies and clothes. Mark's is easy. He wears uniforms. I still have last years so he doesn't need much except new shoes, socks and underwear. Now the girls are going to break me. I am glad they are finally at an age where they have "slowed" down in their growth and can still wear last years clothes--except for Emily's who's feet just took off. She now wears the same size as Elizabeth. But, do you think they can share the fashionable shoes? NOPE. Ah, the joys of teenage girls. Greg is easy, basketball shorts and T's. I so wish he would wear the plaid shorts that all the boys are wearing. I love that look! I can occasionally get him to wear khaki shorts and a three button but not very often.

Well, it's raining again here in Florida. I love these gloomy days. I seem to get much needed housework done because I don't want to go anywhere in the rain. So, I'm tackling the cabinet on top of the fridge--you know, the one you need a ladder to get to. I also cleaned off the top of the fridge. I got to throw away a lot of junk. I love these kind of cleaning frenzies! I dug out my planner and almost have it organized for all my back to school stuff. These next three weeks aer going to fly by.

Have a great Tuesday!

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