Saturday, July 14, 2007

This and That

It's been awile since I have blogged. Not much to blog about. Life is kind of chaotic now. Having not one, two but three teenagers is physically and mentally draining. I'm tired!

Mark finally lost his first tooth. He turned seven in June and was so bummed that he didn't get his name on the "lost tooth" chart in the classroom. So, we made a big deal out of it. He was officially diagnosed with CAPD (Central Auditory Processing Disorder). Not a big deal. He's extremely smart but moves at a much slower pace and needs to "be kept on track". He is easily distracted. Now we can get the IEP and he can get some help from the school--which they wouldn't do because we didn't have the IEP. The audiologist doesn't test them for CAPD until they are at least 7. So, one week after his seventh birthday, we got the testing done. Hopefully, 2nd grade will be much smoother than first. Next week he goes in for his allergy testing. Keeping our fingers crossed that he outgrows the egg allergy. Doubt he will ever outgrow the peanuts and tree nuts!

Greg finally finished baseball. I love baseball, but I can only take so much. Living in Florida, there are 3 seasons--Fall, Spring and Legion. At least we have a couple weeks off before he starts conditioning for Fall ball. He's working on getting his driver's permit. Not quite sure I am ready for that!

Emily is having a lazy summer. Not much going on with her. Her BFF is moving away and she is extremely bummed. The good news is that it's only across town and not out of state.

Elizabeth is continuing taking her online summer course-Economics. Yuck. She is also working on her college application to the University of Florida. I can't believe that she will be going away to college next year. We just got her appointment card in the mail and she gets her Senior pictures taken next week. It just makes me so very sad that she has grown up so fast. It seems like just yesterday she was my baby. Now she's driving a car!

Well, it's Saturday which means cleaning and laundry. The good news is that the kids are home and they are going to help me. Yeah. I told them that the TV was to stay off until the family room was dusted, swept, and cushions vacuumed. It looks like it might rain--which I hope it does. Then maybe we can have a lazy rainy day. Steve is golfing over in Orlando so who knows what time he will be home. It's kind of quiet today............

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