Thursday, October 04, 2007

Happy Fall Y'all
It's so hard to believe that Fall is here. That means Thanksgiving and Christmas is right behind. I was in BJ's the other day and they had their Christmas tree displays up! It will be here before you know it.
Our house has been totally chaotic. Having three teenagers and one seven year old is just physically and mentally draining. Baseball season is in full swing--three nights of practice and Saturday games. Volleyball season is halfway over. Homecoming is two weeks away....the list goes on. We have a dress, we have our hair appointment set. Yesterday I realized I still have to order her boyfriend buttoneire (soory don't know how to spell it). Her dress is so pretty. It's more formal than she has ever worn and it's plum. I will definately post pictures when the big day arrives.
Yesterday was our 20th wedding anniversary. The years have just flown by.........I would love to say they were perfect but hey we aren't perfect and have had our many obstacles. We've live in 3 states, moved 4 times so to say they have been stress free would be a fib. But, I wouldn't change any of it. Here's to 20 more.
This morning I took my friend Sheri to breakfast before we dropped the kids off to school. Her two children went, her little cousin, Anna (4), myself and Emily. We only went to McDonalds because we had to watch the time. Anyway, we sat in the play area so little Anna could play. There were these 3 other people in there (I am guessing 20ish). Anyway, they were climbing and playing in the play toy. Um. It clearly states ages 3-12. So as we are sitting there, we heard the f bomb and other curse words. Sheri politely asked them if they could watch their language since there were kids around. NOPE. The one mouthed off to Sheri so she went and notified the manager. He came in (he looks about 18) and asked them to watch their language. He left. THey continued to "play" in the big toy to where little Anna couldn't go in. They kept calling us "snitches". We continued to have our breakfast while the kids played the computer games and air hockey. I told Sheri I've been called worse than a snitch. We ignored them and had a nice breakfast. As they were leaving, they put their trash away and then proceeded to call us "bitches"--sorry for the language. Again, we just shook our heads and ignored them. It's Sheri's birthday and I wasn't going to let a bunch of inmature kids ruin our morning out. As they were leaving through the doors, they flipped us off! Finally, the gentleman who is always there and such a nice guy came in and wished Sheri a Happy Birthday. We told him what they said and he commented that he remembers faces and the next time they come in he will "take care of them". He apologized and said he wished we would have come back and said something. So, that is how my day started.
Well, off to tackle Mt. Laundry and check Mark out of school early. Went for his 6 month cleaning and has a cavity which needs filled ASAP. So, I am not looking forward to that. He's a a trooper though. He's the only one of my kids that have had cavities so young. The girls were much older when they got their one and only cavity. I didn't have to "baby" them like I do Mark. He just gets himself so worked up and analyzes EVERYTHING.
Have a wonderful Thursday!

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