Friday, September 21, 2007

Roughing It
We been "roughing" it lately. Okay, not really. But if you ask my kids, we are. You see our dishwasher broke. It's a cheap "builder quality" dishwasher that was installed when our house was built (we are not the original owners). When they slapped the new houses up, they put in the cheapest and generic quality of everything. So, our house was built in 1999 and so far, we have replaced the a/c, garage door opener, resurfaced the pool and now the dishwasher. We brought our own refridgerator with us so I know that should last awhile. Anyways, getting back on the topic, the dishwasher broke. I could have spent more money than it's worth to fix it. But, I thought no. I will wait until we could afford the one I really wanted--one that actually cleans the dishes! Each week, the kids alternate cleaning up the dishes. Call Children's Services. I am violating child labor laws here (my kids version). They have been having to wash and dry the dishes. Everynight, I hear the complaints. "When are you going to get the dishwasher fixed?". They are just mad at me because I have to literally stand over them while they do the dishes. I have to constantly remind them that you have to put water and soap in the sink to wash them. Enter my "darling" hubby. He had been out of town for a week. It was late the other night and Emily snuck off to bed without doing the dishes (I was too busy to have even noticed that I let that one slide). So he offers to do the dishes. He did the dishes! After climbing into bed and having our usual "how was your day" "what did you do" conversation, he asks "What's on the agenda for the weekend?" Well, lets see--the usual. Volleball game, baseball practice, yada yada yada.. "Why?" His response "I thought we could go and get a new dishwasher". What??? After only one night of doing dishes???? WOW. I am not going to argue that one but I reminded him that my plan was to wait until we could replace all the appliances at one time so I could get the color and styles that I really want. So, now I am in a dilemna. Do I get a black one like I want and now have 3 different color appliances, or stay with the off-white and just have 2 colors. The kitchen is scheduled for 2009 remodel. Just for record, I grew up not having a dishwasher. My parents still live in the same house and just "modernized" their kitchen minus a dishwasher. They say they don't need one. So, mom. I am not the one who caved in. You should be proud.
It's finally Friday! What a busy week. Before Steve left for work this morning, I told him that we have absolutely NOTHING going on tonight. Once upon a time, I remember how uncool it was to stay home on a Friday night. Now I live for it! We had conferences last night at the High School. They went well. Greg is starting to slack off a little so I told him this morning before he left for school that he would be spending the evening doing his Chemistry. If he wanted to go to baseball, he had to do his chemistry. I got the "It's not due until Wednesday" speech. Well, bubba, your chemistry teacher showed us what's due and even told us it would take several days to do it. BUSTED. His teacher's ratted him out. Does he think we were born yesterday? So, we have to be a little "harder" on him. His grades are good but the "C" could be an "A" if he just would turn in his homework!
Mark had his big end of summer reading party at Huntington Learning Center last week. He broke the family curse of us never winning anything. He won the overall prize of either a $50 gift certificate to Circuit City or Learning Express (toy store). So, he chose the Learning Express. So tomorrow we are off to spend $50 in a toy store!!! He was so excited. "I'm a winner" he tells everyone. So cute.
4 more days until Dancing With the Stars. Woo Hoo. That is one of my favorite reality shows. I haven't missed an episode yet. I am addicted to that show.
Well, time to get my Friday started. Lots and lots of laundry today. Have a wonderful Friday.

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Mandy said...

Ugh...sorry about your dishwasher...I know ours gets A LOT of use! LOL :) Regarding the color, I would get the one that you have planned for the remodel, even though you'll have to deal with three different colors for awhile, you'll be glad you did when you can replace the others to match. I guess you can get the panel on dishwashers resurfaced that might be an option later also.