Thursday, December 04, 2008

I've been a bad blogger. Wait, bad is not the right word. I've been a busy blogger. It's already December 4th. Where has the time gone? It was just Halloween!

We survived Thanksgiving. I say that because just days before our favorite day of the year, we got hit with the stomach flu. We were on the "every other day" schedule so it took a week to work it's way through. We all got it! We had our friends come down from Ohio and we had to send them to a hotel the first night just in case. Elizabeth came home and she was freaking out because she can't afford to get sick with finals coming. So, luckily, they did not catch it. One of the nice things about living in Florida is that we could scrub, clean, spray and have the windows open. Even when it got cold, we left the house open to air it out. Hopefully that will be it for us. Our dinner was wonderful and we had a blast with Patti & Krissy (pictures to follow).

The day after when everyone was at the malls and shopping, we decided to drive over to the beach and "frolic". It was fun. I went with the intention of taking pictures for our Xmas cards. The kids did not cooperate. It wasn't until we were driving home that I realized that I did not get pictures of just the kids. The whole reason we went. DUH. I got pictures, of the boys, the girls, the family, the water but not just the kids. I should have known to take extra clothes for Mark. He loves the water. I figured the water was too cold to swim so we were just going to take a walk and get some photos. Not Mark. He went in clothes and all! He's our water kid.

After we left the beach, we went to lunch at Skyline Chili. YUM. Skyline is a restaurant that started in Cincinnati. We are lucky to have one down here in Clearwater. It's fun to go to a restaurant that's all decorated in your hometown decor. Especially when one of your college teams is winning. Go Bearcats!

Not much else to report. Just trying to get the Christmas shopping done. Steve's family is coming down for Xmas so I don't have to worry about shipping their stuff. Yeah. That's huge. Getting everything wrapped and shipped is the hardest part.

Our new mall opened a few weeks ago. We so needed a mall close by. It's wonderful. I can't tell you how many times I've been there and just walked around. It's an outdoor mall and is awesome. I fell like a tourist when I'm there. I can't believe it's only 10 minutes from my house.

I've also been busy finishing up "my" science fair project. I'm sorry, but 3rd graders just don't get it. They get the experiment part but when it comes time to write and type everything up, they're done. They don't get how to do pie charts and bar graphs. We did the experiment so now it's just putting it together. It's due next Wednesday so that will be the biggest thing I get to cross off my "to do" list.

I got to see the movie Twilight on Thanksgiving. I loved it. I was hesitant to read the books because I thought I was too old. I'm so glad I read the book. I'm on the second one right now. The movie didn't disappoint. I know it had mixed reviews but I give it two thumbs up. The book was so long that they couldn't put everything in the movie. But overall, I enjoyed it. It moved really quick and was over before I knew it. I also get to go to a free showing of Four Christmases. I'm glad it was "free". I didn't hate it but I didn't love it either. I liked Twilight better. The cast was perfect. Dark and mysterious just like in the book.

Well, it's time to get my day started. I'm off to volunteer in the media center at school. I wasn't sure what I was signing up for but I really love doing it. It's fun to see the kids and see what they are reading. Mark goes to a wonderful school full of great kids and teachers.

Have a wonderful Thursday.

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Laura.T. said...

Glad to see you back blogging - missed you. Thanks for the reviews on the movies. Still haven't finished Twilight (ugh). I was wondering how Four Christmases was - thanks for giving your opinion. I think I'll wait til it comes out on video.