Monday, March 16, 2009

It's back to the grind here. Elizabeth was home all last week and we had a wonderful time together. The other guys aren't on spring break until April. So, Liz and I had a lot of one on one time. We did lots of shopping and had lunch. She also had some school work to get done so she was off doing her thing. We went to Sarasota on Saturday to watch the Reds play the Rays. It's been a while since all of us a family were together. It was fun. We got to eat our Skyline Chili! I'll post pictures as soon as Emily uploads them from her camera for me. I was sad to see her go back yesterday.

The weather here is absolutely perfect. Other than it being so dry, the temps are awesome. I had to turn on the AC because we are all so miserable with our allergies. The outside air is so full of pollen none of us can breath very well and are sneezing up a storm. Allergies have been miserable.

Yesterday, Steve was out working in the yard raking and sweeping all the dead leaves. Our leaves fall off in the Spring here. Mark was playing basketball in the driveway so both cars were parked on the street. We don't live on a narrow street by any means. The cars were also parked directly in front of our house. Our creepy, weird neighbor was pulling out and backed right into Steve's car. I am just counting my lucky stars he only hit Steve's car and not Mark. The guy is a "few fries short of a happy meal" if you know what I mean. Creepy and weird is probably the nice version of what I think of them. I remember when we bought this house, how excited I was to live on a cul de sac. It's a very small street with only 7 houses total. Mark would have tons of room to ride his bike and play and I wouldn't have to worry about him. I thought everyone would be friendly and hang out on the weekends. Boy was I wrong. Terry and Ralph live directly next to us and are the best neighbors you could have. We are the only ones that talk to each other. Two families don't even wave or make eye contact (this includes creepy weird neighbors). When we first moved in, creepy neighbor lady came over and said we had an illegal tree in the yard (it was between our two drive ways). Um.....the tree was here when we moved in. Getting settled was my first priority. Not some banana bush. I told her that too. So, one day, I came home and she had taken it upon herself to trim it and put the trimmings in the drive. It wasn't that bad but Steve was cool with it because he didnt' have to do it. But, just to tick her off we left it up for several years. When we first moved in Mark ran between the two houses and into her back yard. He was only three. The next weekend, there were rosebushes planted. Whatever. Any she lives there with her grown son and daughter. They are anti-social. On Halloween, they turn on their sprinklers! When Liz was younger and used to get off the school bus, he would be standing there watching the kids get off the bus. Creepy. He used to also sit up at the Community Center at the kids playground. I saw him there several times. So, I checked and made sure we didn't have a pervert living next to us but nothing ever came up. Terri and I joke that some day we are going to go and scour the neighborhood for "for sale" signs and put them up in everyone's yard. So tonight when Steve get's home, he gets to go next door and talk to creepy neighbors and give them a copy of the estimate to get his car fixed--$712. I told him I doubt they will even open their door. We will have to see how this unfolds.

I've been a sorting/organizing fool lately. It feels so good to purge through stuff. I've also been purging all my scrapbook supplies as well. I have so much stuff. Way too much so I'm letting go with the stuff that I will never use again.


Laura T. said...

Wow - It's almost 90 degrees there ... I need to hop on a plane and get there now.

Ryzmomplus2 said...

Awe Kim our lives are always so parallel. Chel has been on break this week and Zach doesn't get his till April, so we too have had a lot of one on one time! I'm hoping to get that organizing bug back!