Saturday, March 07, 2009

Yeah. It's finally the weekend. This week has just been the longest week. It's so nice to sit here and drink my coffee in my jammies at almost 10 am and not worry about where I have to be. So nice.

Liz came home yesterday. Yippee. She got home just in time to be able to go out to lunch. Then we hit the mall until it was time to pick up Mark. He knew she was coming home but didn't know when. So we totally surprised him when we picked him up in her car. He was so happy. First thing they did was watch a movie. When Steve got home, she asked him if he would take them to the zoo. She has always loved the zoo. So, today all of them are headed out. I would go but I have my monthly Stampin Up workshop. The zoo is not my favorite thing because after 4 kids, I've been there, done that. But he loves taking them so they are having a day out with Dad, which is so needed with all the hours he's been working and travelling he has been doing. Greg is in S. Carolina at the SIPA Convention. It's a convention for school newspapers. Their high school in the past few years has been #1. Hopefully they will repeat. Liz went every year when she was on the paper. She offered to go and pick him up late tomorrow night just so she can see everyone when they get off the bus. Since the other kids aren't on Spring Break until April, it's just me and Liz for the week. I'm hoping to do a lot of mom/daughter stuff. Going off to college has really changed her. Not that she needed to change, but she is no longer my "high schooler" with all drama. She's this grown woman. Our conversations are different. I miss her!

Greg is finally scheduled to take his SAT next week. Praise the Lord. Getting him to schedule that has been hard. He just keeps putting if off. So, he is finally taking it next week. Woo Hoo. Then over his spring break, we will be taking some college tours. The University of South Florida is only 15 minutes away. He's already been up to the University of Florida. Next on his list is the University of Central Florida in Orlando. USF has the best program for what he wants to do but he doesn't want to live at home. We told him that if he gets the Bright Futures like Liz did, he can live on campus. So we will see. Hard to believe he will be a Senior. Where has the time gone?

This week is the dreaded FCATs. Talk about stressful. I just hope Mark can do it. I'm a nervous wreck. I had a nice chat with the assistant principal. I feel for the first time that we are all on the same page. He has finally qualified for an IEP. Finally. I'm still fretting about whether or not he should repeat 3rd grade. He tries so hard but just struggles. He is seeing a tutor. I also plan on continuing it over the summer so at least I don't have to make the decision now. I refuse to put him through if he's not ready. The good news is that it won't be a drastic move. He's very small for his age so it's not like he will be a giant compared to others. Plus he has a June birthday so he will still graduate high school @ 18. It's a decision that I dread making but I have to do what's best for him.

Emily is still adjusting to high school. It's a total change for her. I hated middle school. They still treated them like they were in elementary school. I don't think her team in middle school really prepared them for the changes of high school. But she is doing awesome. It took her awhile to get in the groove but I think she is getting it. Hard to believe she will be 15 next month! My kids have grown up so fast.

Well, it's going to be a beautiful day here in the Sunshine State. Supposed to be 80. Lots to do so I am going to shut this computer down and enjoy the day!

Have a wonderful weekend. Make it a good one!


Sue said...

I was only 4 when I started 1st grade, back in the Dark Ages! No kindergarten then. Mom tried for 6 long years for them to keep me back. Finally she put her foot down when I should have gone to seventh grade (Jr high then!) It was THE BEST thing that ever happened to me. If you think this is what Mark needs, YOU are his advocate. Stand up for him. He will thank you for it. (Sorry I wrote a novel!)

Anonymous said...

YEAH! Mark got his IEP finally?!?!? I agree. Do what is best for Mark. I know how much he has struggled. I miss him!
Have fun with Liz this week!