Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm still here. It's been crazy but I am still alive and well.
I remember when my kids were little, I kept getting the advice "Oh it will get easier when the kids get older". Let me go on the record as saying "THEY WERE WRONG". Not that my kids aren't easy, I have been blessed with great kids. But they just keep me running. We finally were able to get Greg a car. Actually, we got him a pick up. It was one of "yard trucks" from Steve's work so we got a FANTASTIC deal. Greg is on cloud 9. He's been out whenever he can washing, cleaning and just admiring it. We finally got the paperwork and title yesterday but today the DMV was closed. So, hopefully tomorrow we will have it in our name with our tags. In the meantime, Greg is still admiring his pick up sitting in the garage. One of the requirements though is that he has to drive Emily to and from school. What a HUGE weight this will be lifted off of me. As sad as I am that he will be a driver in Tampa, I'm thrilled that my running will be less. Plus, he will now be able to drive himself to and from work. Oh happy day!
Seaking of Greg, he got accepted into his first college. He got into the University of Florida. He is still waiting to hear from The University of Tampa and St. Leo's. He also has to finish his application to Florida State University. I can't believe his time in high school is coming to an end. Just yesterday we ordered his cap and cown and graduation announcements.
Hard to believe that almost 17 years ago he was my little guy. He was such a cute baby. Time sure has flown by. I guess I should talk about the other kids too. Elizabeth is doing well up at the University of Florida. She is busy with all her classes and best of all she's getting published. I know she writes articles for the school newspaper and is doing some other things too. Right now they are not paid but she does have a few internships lined up in the future. I spent last Sunday hanging out with her in Gainesville. We had fun. It's been awhile since we've just had a "girls day out". Emily is keeping busy. She is so opposite Liz. I love this girl but she comes with the drama. Wow. She finally got her leaner's permit. She's also going to try out for Tennis. Keep in mind that she's never played Tennis before. I haven't seen her this excited about something in quite awhile. I hope she sticks with it. I played tennis in high school so I told her I will go up and play and teach her the basics. It will be great exercise for me as well. Mark is doing very good in school. He is working hard and is showing improvement in many areas. I just shake that feeling though that had he had the IEP sooner, would he be where he is today. Can't look back though. Can only look to the future. I know he can do it.

That's about all we've been up to. Getting ready for the holidays. Can't believe they are upon us already.

Well, I am going to wrap this up. I could go on and on. I hope I can do a better job of keeping this blog updated than I have been.

Oh one more thing....................thank you to all our soldiers, past and present, who served or are serving our country. I'm so proud to be an American!


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Ryzmomplus2 said...

Wow it sounds like you've been crazy busy! Love the new vehicle for Greg... and another with a learner's permit! Oh my, I think that alone would make me crazy! Congrats to Liz too, sounds like she's doing great!