Wednesday, January 03, 2007


As I am going through, putting the Christmas decorations away, I also put away my Christmas CD's. So, with the house to myself, I put in 5 more CD's on random to listen to (and crank up). I love Soundtracks! I love the variety of music that comes on it. So, in my CD player is:

Where the Heart Is
You've Got Mail
Ally McBeal featuring Vonda Shepard (old TV favorite)
Dawson's Creek

So, what's everyone else listening too?

BTW, I picked up my new specs and I CAN SEE! WOW.

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Kerry said...

{Ally McBeal featuring Vonda Shepard (old TV favorite)} Kim I have this CD too and also another one from Ally McBeal. Absolutely love the songs on there :)