Monday, January 22, 2007

It has been a crazy and eventful week here in our house. We have been super busy. My BFF (our little joke as we revert back to middle school), Patti, has been here for the last week from Cincinnati. We have had a blast. She is an awesome decorator and loves to paint (something I hate). We have been painting my house like crazy. The first room we tackled was my girls room. It's so hard to decorate a room when the girls have such different taste. Emily is 12 and Elizabeth 16. They hate sharing a room but we needed a guest room and I needed the guest room to double as a scrapbook room. So,they have to share a room. Emily wanted a green room and Elizabeth wanted blue. I said compromise and do purple. So, along come Patti and agreed that a purple room would look the best with the comforter's they have. So, in one day, we got the room painted. It still needs some "decluttering" and they need to finish putting stuff away but they are so happy with the result. We moved the entire room around, got all the posters/pictures/awards/shelves hung. They each even have their own "wall of fame". Elizabeth loves Pirates (the picture looks like the wall is pink, but it is purple). My favorite part is the little reading corner with the fun lamp. They also have a desk in another corner. All I have left to do in that room is sew a valance and make a little lap blanket for the chair. I bought the material yesterday so hopefully I can get that done in the next few days. We also painted the boys room gray (it was this ugly two tone blue). I will post photos when we get that one done. Today we finish painting my family room, kitchen. Tomorrow it's the living room and dining room.

We have really been scrapbooking our hearts out. I have gotton so many pages completed. I hope I can keep this up when she leaves on Wednesday. :*(

Greg made the JV baseball team. I am so happy for him because he just loves baseball! To make the team when so many kids try out is awesome. Now the fun begins with all the practice. He has been conditioning 3 times a week but now it's conditioning AND practice. At least he will practice later and Steve can help with the pick up now. Emily made the school play. Again, thrilling since so many people tried out. We've always called her our "little drama queen"!

Greg and Elizabeth also filled out their class schedules for next year. My "baby" will be a senior. Greg will be a sophmore. Where has the time gone??? Emily will be in her last year in middle school (8th). I feel so old!!!!! And then there is Mark. Still struggling with the math concept. we are looking into taking him to Huntington or Sylvan. I don't know how to help him. The school certainly isn't and we are on our own.

Not much else to blog about. As I mentioned, it's been painting painting painting! I finally feel like this house is "mine". I have never loved this house. I really miss my house in Utah. I miss the layout, the two stories, THE EXTRA BATHROOM!!! Two bathrooms for six people just doesn't cut it. But, I am beginning to like this house and it finally feels like it's mine.

Well, need to get back to putting all my scrapbook stuff away so we can paint. Have a wonderful week!!!!


Jolene George said...

Patti sounds like a GREAT BFF! She helps paint and she gets you motivating and scrapping a ton. How great does that feel. The girls room looks really pretty.

Marcy said...

I LOVE the bunk beds, where did you get them. My girls share a room and they are 5 and 3 so bunk beds are needed at this point.