Thursday, June 12, 2008


Last night, Elizabeth and I along with her friend, Heather and her mom, went dorm room shopping. Liz and Heather will be suite mates at UF. They both have different favorite colors and taste. Elizabeth wanted something brown and Heather likes pink. We searched and searched. We started off having dinner at Panera. Then we hit Linens and Things. As soon as the girls saw this set, they fell in love with it. It's perfect. It's a bed in a bag (also called Express kit) and has everything--sheets, towls, rug, throw. We will have to buy different sheets because the beds in the dorm are twin/long. Better yet, when I used all my coupons and Liz had one gift card, I was able to get out of there under $100. We also went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and they each got a pink trash can. It was really fun picking all the stuff out. We still have a lot to do before they leave in August but getting this was a big start. Heather leaves in two weeks to study in Mexico for six weeks. By the time she gets back, they would only have two weeks to get stuff. It's going to be so weird moving her out.

We are still in desperate need of rain. We had a little on Sunday and it hasn't rained since. It seems like it has rained everywhere except over us. As I type this, I can hear thunder in the distance but the sun is out here. We so need the rain!!!!

Today has been a real lazy day for a change. Other than running Mark to swimming lessons and the YMCA and a quick trip to Publix, I've been lazy. Mark and I got in the pool and were swimming until we heard the thunder and the skies (all around us) got dark. Now I'm in my comfy, stretchy pants relaxing. I have some laundry to fold and then I am going to scrap away the rest of the night. Quick and easy dinner--baked potatoes and salad. YUM.....

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Anonymous said...

I love that bed set! Brown and Pink go so well together!

Weird to think of Liz moving out:(