Wednesday, June 04, 2008

In less than four hours, summer vacation will officially start here in our house. I am thrilled that the kids will be getting some much needed sleep (they've been a wee bit cranky and moody lately). However, I am not thrilled that they will be home with me all day! The job market is horrible so Elizabeth and Greg are struggling to find jobs. Elizabeth has some babysitting gigs lined up but she still needs more hours. Greg started Legion ball so my next 6 weeks still involve going to baseball games. Don't get me wrong, I love, love, love baseball but not in Florida in June!!! Can you say "hot, hot, hot". Em's the outgoing one so I am sure she will be running around with her friends. Mark I hope to sign up for some more swimming lessons or find a swim team. That really seems to be what he likes. He never followed in Greg's footsteps and liked all the sports. He needs the constant "movement" to keep his attention so swimming is right up his alley. As for me, I just want some sleep. Before I know it, school will be back in session. I was able to talk to our school counselor and Greg and Em have some really tough schedules next year. I'm still taking it in that Em will be in high school! I'm not a big fan of middle school so I am anxious for her to enter high school. Sadly, her bff won't be going to the same high school. She's going to the other high school here in town. But, I told her that it will only make their friendship stronger. They won't be in each other's "drama" and when they get together, it will be much "funner" because they don't see each other all the time every day. I won't miss the "drama" of middle school. There are a lot of mean girls in middle school. Hopefully, in high school they "will get it". They will be the "freshman" and put in their place. I've been lucky that my kids have nice friends and stay out of trouble.

So, today is just a "veg" and "relax" day. Em is having some friends come over after school (they get out 1/2 day). They are going to swim and order a pizza. Her one friend is leaving for Italy for the summer so they want to spend some time with her before she leaves. It will probably drive Greg nuts that there are "girls" running around but I'm sure he will find somewhere to go. :)

Not much else planned for the rest of the week. Liz goes tomorrow for her "college" physical and shots. It still seems so weird to say that. We go at the end of the month for parent orientation and she will sign up for her classes. She got her dorm assignment and she is rooming with her friend. They also got their first choice in their dorm. So they were thrilled. They've already been out and about looking for bedding and stuff.

Well, it's time to get this day started. Before I know it, everyone will be home and I will be complaining how they are driving me nuts! hehe. Have a great Wednesday.


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