Monday, June 09, 2008

IT RAINED! Finally, yesterday it rained. After months of no rain, we finally got some here at our house in New Tampa. What's even better, it's supposed to rain again this afternoon. YIPPEE. Even the possibility of severe storms isn't phasing me. We just need rain!

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at our friends house "hanging out". They live on a lake so the boys had a blast tubing. I personally enjoyed watching from the side especially after Kate told me that they have had a few gators come onto their "beach". NOPE. Not for me. Even a few dads got out their and had some fun. It was so cool watching the storm clouds move in. It was pretty but once the thunder started rolling in and we saw lightening bolts, we moved the get together inside. You don't mess with lightening in Florida.

Last night I got to watch the new season of Army Wives. I really enjoyed watching that show last season but I was somewhat disappointed in last night's show. They didn't have to kill her off. I won't say who so I won't spoil it for anyone. Also, Kim Delaney had "some work" done on her lips. I thought she looked awful. I know they had her made up to look injured, but you could tell her lips were different! So, I will probably watch it next week and then decide if I will keep watching. I don't want to get hooked to a "depressing/sad drama".

Got up this morning and took Greg to his first physical therapy session. Today they just took measurements and he will probably start on Wednesday. I hope this works. He's too young (16) to have back problems. They commented on how "fit" he is. He does work hard and keeps in shape. He just made that one play in a baseball game that tweaked his back. He did get the out though!

Not much else going on here in our house today. This afternoon, I'm taking Liz to the bank and get her all set up with her own checking account and everything that goes with it. I've known this day was coming. We go up in two weeks to Parent Preview at UF and we can't wait. It's just here and I and I personally am looking forward to two nights from home! One of those nights, she has to stay in the dorms so I have a the hotel room all to myself. She will get registered for all her classes while we are there. I'm still taking this all in. I have a college student!!!!!!

It's time to tackle Mt. Washmore and get my day started. Have a wonderful Monday!

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Benita said...

I'll gladly send you some of the rain we've been having these past several days. I'm so TIRED of rain & thunder & lightning & tornado sirens going off! But I know you really need the rain down there right now. Here's hoping it goes your way :)