Friday, August 22, 2008


we are feeling the effects of Tropical Storm Fay. We got not even a raindrop on Tuesday. I guess second time is a charm. It's just a dreary, rainy day. I actually kind of like it. Unfortunately, I do have to venture out in it. I have to put gas in my car and I need to pick up some new gym shoes. I have been having lots of problems with my ankle and I went to the doctor yesterday. So, after all the years of wearing flip flops, my poor feet are paying the price. I have a pair of gym shoes already, but I want something that doesn't look so "clunky". I am also supposed to rest it and ice it as much as possible. If this doesn't work, I will have to get an MRI. Good news is that there were no strains or breaks.

I spoke with Liz last night and I guess Gainesville has been hammered by all the rain by Fay. She said, the campus was closed today and all activities cancelled. So, she is stuck inside her dorm room. Is that a bad thing? Oh yeah, last night our local news did a story about the comeback of bed bugs in colleges. Guess what college they mentioned? Yep the University of Florida. They also mentioned Ohio State. Gross. I sent her up with only one set of sheets, but I may send her some more so she can wash them more often. I couldn't stop itching after seeing that story. Ick.

So, I have finally narrowed down some new blog names. I would really love to hear some comments on what people think. Here's what I have so far:

A New Day
Life is a Highway
Married with Children
Unfinished Business
Life's Moments
It's All Good

I'm kind of leaning towards "A New Day". I keep hearing that Celine Dion song in my head. This past year has been a turning point for me. I turned the big 40--GASP, one of my kids graduated high school and entered college, and Emily entered High School. This was the first time, that I actually slowed down and took a look at how fast my life is going by. We've had ups and downs and by no means has it been perfect. But, I have a healthy family and a nice roof over my head. What more can I ask for? I actually sat down and deleted some blogs off my list because they were depressing to read. Not because their lives were bad, but no one can be that perfect. I would read some of them and just shake my head. I like reading blogs where I can actually relate to people. My family is far from perfect.

Anyways.............last night I went Creative Memories shopping at my CM Consultants house. She is moving and had marked some stuff down so she doesn't have to move it. I got some paper packs. I am extremely motivated to sit down and work on some layouts, but housework is calling. Maybe tonight.

Well, it's time to tackle Mt. Washmore and get the day going. I am so tempted to go back to bed--it's so dark in the house right now but I will resist the urge.

Have a wonderful, Friday. Make it a good one.


Anonymous said...

I live in Columbus, Ohio - that whole bed bug thing grosses me out too! I love your blog. I have been following Fay and your daughter moving out! HEIDI

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

I like "Married with Children" :). Let us know what you decide!

Liane said...

"Life is a Highway" is my vote! Yes, it has been a crazy summer. LOL Or, a crazy life maybe.

Ryzmomplus2 said...

I didn't hear about bed bugs.... yuck! I like Life is a highway and Married with children...

How are you holding up with your daughter gone. This has been tougher than I expected it to be