Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hurricane Gustav and other stuff
Well, it looks like Gustav is heading out into the Gulf of Mexico. That's great news for us but looks like Texas could be in his path. Hopefully he will "fizzle out".

I'm off to get some stuff for Liz that she needs (another set of sheets, a lock for her laptop, some more food). Steve and Greg are going up to the football game on Saturday so they can take it to her then. She is now in a sorority so I get to start another scrapbook. She's having a ball. Classes started yesterday and she was so exhausted last night that she forgot to call me back. Thanks to Facebook, I knew she was in her dorm since she was online.

I'm off to check out the new Joann Fabrics that just opened up down the street. They closed the "icky" one and moved into the spot where AC Moore was supposed to be. I guess AC Moore went bust and it never opened. Hopefully, this Joann's will carry lots of scrapbook supplies. Otherwise, I'll still have to make the 30 minute trip to the other one.

So, I'm off to run my errands while the sun is shining. Have a great Tuesday.

(still working on updating my blog. I'm trying to figure out how to do a header. If anyone knows how and can walk me through it, let me know. I can't figure it out. I think I have the new name picked out but I am hoping to do it all at one time.)

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