Monday, November 26, 2007

Can I have a "do over" Monday? You would think after long holiday weekend, I would be up and ready to go. I just want today to be over!!!!

First, woke up this morning to the smoke alarm "chirping". It's never done that before (it's ADT). Recently Emily set it off cooking a grilled cheese. It definately works. They (ADT) even called to make sure everything was okay. Steve thought maybe the battery needed check so he got up on the ladder before work to check. It's hard wired. So, I call ADT. Ray tells me there is nothing wrong with our system and that we must have an "independant" smoke detector in the house that is sending a signal to the smoke detector that is beeping. After I thought about it, t there is no way we have an "independant' smoke dectector. I called back and Cathy walked me through checking the system. She recommended that I get up on a ladder and blow it out with the hair dryer. Sometimes, dust can do that. I did it and reset the alarm. After 20 minutes of peace and quiet, it starts chirping at me again. I called back time #3. This time, I get the "it's not our alarm. Our alarms don't chirp. " Now I am mad. Don't tell me that the alarm is not beeping. I am standing right undereath it! So, I got to Lowes (I had to pick up some stuff anyway). I thought maybe I will just get a can of air and blast the heck out of the thing before I rip it out. The beeping is getting on my last nerve. They are out of air. So, I tell the guy what's wrong and he asks me if I checked the battery. I tell him it's hard wired. He says all smoke detectors have a battery back up. So, I buy some batteries and come home. Get up on the ladder and son of a gun, there is a battery compartment. It's flush with the system. You really had to be looking for it to see it. So, I change the battery, problem solved. LESSON LEARNED: Even though the smoke detector is hard wired, there is a battery in there. I understand that now but why in the world did the ADT people not know that??????? I wasn't some dumb customer who didn't know what she was talking about. Don't tell me that it wasn't making a noise when I was standing under it and it was! Geesh.......

Fast forward to picking Mark up from school. He gets in the car and tells me that he got a "red" in his folder. Red is bad! Green is good. Yellow okay. I asked him why he got red? In his folder is a note from the teacher. I didn't initial his folder from last Tuesday. I did sign and return all the papers but I forgot to initial the folder. He also didn't bring his libary book back. He was using the library book for a book-it report which isn't due until Friday. We weren't done with the book. He also had a note to bring in the report. It clearly says due November 30. He also had a check for talking (which would have only put him on yellow). But since I forgot to initial his folder and he didn't bring a book in that he is still using he got a red. Do I get mad at him? After I spoke to him about talking, I decided to just let the red mark go. I volunteer in the classroom tomorrow morning so I will set it straight with his teacher. So, I just want to crawl into bed and start another day.

Older kids will be rolling in soon. ugh. Who knows what problems/dilemnas they will bring home. It's always something.

Well, off to enjoy the last few minutes of peace and quiet. Hope you all had a better Monday than me.

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