Wednesday, November 07, 2007

WOW. Cindi guessed it! How in the world did you figure that out after only 2 very vague clues? I'm so impressed.

Tomorrow morning, Elizabeth will be interviewing Jenna Bush (aka the President's daughter). It's not a political interview. She's interviewing her about the book she wrote.

Ana's Story: A Journey of Hope by Jenna Bush, Illustrated by Mia Baxter

How cool is that? She is coming tomorrow morning to the high school to talk to the kids about this book. Elizabeth scored the only interview. She read the book and she said it was awesome. She recommends that everyone read it. Politics aside, you have to admit that this is a great opportunity for my future journalist. She is just thrilled and has been working on her interview questions. We went shopping and she has her "interview" outfit all ready to go. I'm so proud of Liz and what a memory she will have as she enters the next phase of her life.

So, hopefully tomorrow I will have more to share--hopefully some pictures too.


Cindi said...

Woo Hoo! She's the only recently engaged young woman I remember hearing about lately. My question to you Kim is....what does she have in common with Jessica Simpson??

Kim said...

To answer your question, Cindi. They both are from Texas!